EATC-SharpusedEAT C-Sharp TurntableHi there, I have an EAT C-Sharp for Sale. It can be used anywhere in the world as it's powered from a standard 15v DC power supply. I'm happy to ship anywhere. This is an ex demo turntable so it'...2000.00

EAT C-Sharp Turntable [Expired]

no longer for sale

Hi there, I have an EAT C-Sharp for Sale. It can be used anywhere in the world as it's powered from a standard 15v DC power supply. I'm happy to ship anywhere. This is an ex demo turntable so it's only been out of the box once. It's no longer needed as I'm no longer an EAT dealer. Absolutely nothing wrong with the turntable - it doesn't come with a cartridge though. Otherwise it has everything as stated as any new EAT C-Sharp would. It's a fine turntable and would be at home in any Hi-Fi system. It's a small form factor table so would be well suited for those with restrictions in space. Please feel free to contact me about anything relating to the turntable. Naturally I can recommend a cartridge to suit. Thanks to new materials like Carbon Fibre and Termoplastic Elastomer Eat was designing a new superflat table. The low profil base chassis is made out of highest density MDF. Because of its flatness this base sits perfectly stable on any surface! On this base the ultra low noise motor is mounted as well as 10 damping feets out of energy absorbing TPE (Termoplastic Elastomers = Hightech high energy absorbing damping material). The cone shape TPE columns carry a SANDWICH subchassis out of Carbon Fibre and MDF composite with ultimate rigidity. The stiffness is important to be a super rigid base for the tonearm/cartridge and bearing/platter as there must be 100 % no moving tolerance between the distance of the groove and the tracking cartridge. All the rumble of the platter / bearing is directed in the TPE columns. On opposite the TPE avoid that any unwanted energie of motor and surface or surrounding vibration leads to the subchassis or even to the tonearm cartridge. The bearing is an oversized inverted with a inert, resonance free ceramic ball on top Around the bearing we set a super heavy 700g mass point which sucks up all energy arround.The stiff carbon subchassis helps to transport all vibration in this mass point.So vibrations are transferred in heat The platter intself is from a special alloy of very inert aluminium and is also damped by TPE inserts-It from 2 parts a subplatter and a mainplatter to keep it flat although having very high mass and kinetic energie. The belt is made from special anti-static rubber. It’s glued and then polished. The tonearm itself is a completely new design which combines all advantages of a unipivot arm with a cardan design. The uni-pivot in the middle only helps bearing to be less loaded. The traditional Cardan bearing insures high stabilty and easy ness of use with very low friction. Also inside the tonearm is a special silicon-based grease to damp the tonearm / cartridge resonances by more then 50% The tube is again out of carbon , super stiff and rigid. The headshell we made out of special light and rigid aluminium to get a perfect combination of the advantages of carbon with the better inner damping of the aluminium as well as the possibility of more tighter mounting of Highend MC cartridges. An external DC powersupply unit with an AC Generator creates new total clean power for the motors . For sure you have also 33 /45 electronic switching. A HIGHEND solution as the whole table. SPECIFICATIONS: Model EAT C-Sharp turntable Nominal speed 33/45 rpm, driven by microprocessor, separate control panel, lighted control buttons Speed Variance 33 rpm: ± < 0,08%, 45 rpm: ± < 0,09% Signal to noise S/N Ratio ( mechanical noise): – 40 dB, Signal to noise (electrical noise): -70 dB Downforce range 0 – 30 mN Supplied counterweights without additional insert → for cartridge 5 – 9g (125g), with additional insert → for cartridge 8,5 – 13g (142g) Effective tonearm mass 16.5 g Effective tonearm lenght 254 mm Overhang 16 mm Power consumption 8,5 W max / 0,5 W standby Voltage Universal swith mode power supply 15 V DC / 1,6 A, 90-264 V AC, 47 – 63Hz Dimensions (W × H × D) 500 × 400 × 115mm without connectors, 500 × 435 × 115mm with connectors in the rear panel Weight (without box) 13,5 kg + 0,5 kg Separated control panel
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