Green Mountain AudioCalypso HD CherryusedGreen Mountain Audio Calypso HD CherryJust got back from its $2000.00 reconditioning by Roy himself from Green Mountain Audio. Pair of Calypso HD speakers. Still in original shipping packaging. Color cherry. Speakers were brought ...6500.00

Green Mountain Audio Calypso HD Cherry [Expired]

no longer for sale

Just got back from its $2000.00 reconditioning by Roy himself from Green Mountain Audio. Pair of Calypso HD speakers. Still in original shipping packaging. Color cherry.   
Speakers were brought to new specification both cosmetically and functionally! These are fully factory reconditioned for a fraction of the price of new. 

Shipment will be by palletized freight only to preserve their condition - please estimate $300-500 USD in the Continental U.S.  Local pickup is an option as well. If shipping outside the US, additional shipping fees may be added. 

From Manufacturer's Website:

Performance details Application(s). Time-coherent 3-way floorstanding speaker for use in all but the largest of rooms.
Room size. Medium to large, 300-1,000sf.
User adjustability (Soundfield Convergence™). Midrange and tweeter positions adjust front-to-rear independently.
Power (amplifier’s 8 ohm rating). 7 to 170 Watts.
Response. In-room, typically +/- 2dB from 45Hz to 20kHz; -3dB frequencies below 40Hz and above 22kHz.
Distortion. <0.5% harmonic 100Hz-12kHz, <1% intermodulation, both at 100dB at 1m. (I.M.D. is for any two frequencies separated by a 10:1 ratio.)
Phase shift. +/- 3 degrees acoustically, from 220Hz to 8kHz. Does not vary with loudness.
Rise time. <10 microseconds, positive or negative input. Does not vary with loudness.
Polarity. Positive, over full bandwidth.
Dispersion. Omni at 40Hz, smoothly decreasing to cardioid at 10kHz.
Impedance. 4.75 Ohms, +/- 0.75 Ohms 150Hz to 20kHz. Does not vary with loudness.
Sensitivity. 88dB for 2.83V at 1m, at sea level. Dynamically linear within 0.5dB to 100dB.
Max SPL. 105dB peak at 3m from a stereo pair, first-arrival (without room gain).
Pair matching. Amplitude +/- 0.25dB; impedance +/- 0.15 Ohms, 160Hz-8kHz; crossover parts +/- .15%.

Technical specifications Woofer diameter. 8" (21cm).
Woofer construction. Low-mass Nomex fiber rigid cone. Very low resonant frequency from highly-compliant ultra-linear suspension of synthetic rubber and fully-vented flat spider; high-power, 4-layer 1.25" (32mm) voice coil. Alloy chassis; 22.5oz. (640g) magnet; 0.35" (9mm) p-p linear excursion; 30.6g moving mass. Shorting rings around voice coil for low distortion.
Woofer cabinet. Woofer mounted in Q-Stone™ chamber atop slender wood column, twisted 45 degrees to reduce reflections. Internal Golden-Ratio Baffle™, 4th-order Butterworth ported with nearly zero box loss.
Woofer / Bass port. 3" (7.5cm) aerodynamic port on rear side tuned to 42Hz. An angled location prevents the Calypso HD’s port from resonating with the space to the wall behind. Working with the internal Golden-Ratio Baffle™, the port transmits pressures most efficiently. No tones other than the lowest bass will emerge. Mirror-imaging allows proper operation in all rooms.
Midrange Midrange diameter. 4" (10cm).
Midrange construction. Low-mass rigid cone of Kevlar skins laminated over Nomex honeycomb core. 6.2g moving mass. Very low resonant frequency from high-compliance suspension. Coated foam surround and large spider. 1" (25mm) hex-wound copper voice coil on Kapton former, vented at rear. Carbon fiber reinforced ABS non-magnetic chassis; 20oz. (567g) magnet. 0.25" (6mm) p-p linear excursion. Response -3dB at 350Hz and 3,150Hz.
Midrange enclosure. Resistively vented in alliptic, non-diffractive Q-Stone™ enclosure containing damped acoustic line. The resistive vent suppresses the natural low-frequency resonance. A second-stage muffler has been added over the rear of this vent.
Tweeter Tweeter diameter. 1.1" (28mm).
Tweeter construction. Lightweight linen dome, hand-coated with polymer. High-compliance, inverse-roll contiguous suspension. Hex-wound copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire, Ferrofluid cooled, high-strength aluminum alloy former, vented into large, damped rear chamber. 0.46g moving mass. Double neodymium magnets, fully shielded.
Tweeter enclosure. In alliptic, non-defractive, Q-Stone™ enclosure with integrated tweeter chassis damping.
CopperMatrix Wiring. Woofer, Midrange, Tweeter: Exclusive High Definition CopperMatrix™ wire by Marigo Labs: 18-gauge, 500+ strand Litz wires of six-nines purity, single crystal, oxygen-free copper with proprietary winding geometry; double cryogenically-treated, organic dielectric insulation; proprietary internal vibration damping system. Pure metals love to ring. They do so sideways and also along their lengths. Because of their design, these CopperMatrix™ wires do not and can not ring.
Crossover. Balanced-Phase™ first-order circuit.
Zobel circuit's capacitor. Woofer, Midrange, Tweeter: Ultra-premium quality.
Crossover principal capacitor. Woofer: N/A. Midrange, Tweeter: Ultra-premium quality.
Crossover bypass capacitor. Woofer: N/A. Midrange, Tweeter: Ultra-premium quality.
Binding posts. Made by Vampire Wire of pure oxygen-free copper, directly gold plated. Mounted on the back.