Triode CorporationTRX-M845usedTriode Corporation TRX-M845 Triode TRX-M845 845/211 mono S.E.T. power amplifiersHi All, For sale is a mint pair of Triode TRX-M845's. Pure class A Sonics! These amps have low hours on them and sound stunning with either 211 or 845 tubes (user switchable). They are true refe...14999.00

Triode Corporation TRX-M845 Triode TRX-M845 845/211 mono S.E.T. power amplifiers [Expired]

no longer for sale

   Hi All, For sale is a mint pair of Triode TRX-M845's. Pure class A Sonics! These amps have low hours on them and sound stunning with either 211 or 845 tubes (user switchable). They are true reference amplifiers and will not disappoint. I can tell you pictures to do not do them justice! The sheer size of them is truly impressive. Each chassis is over 100 lb. The build quality is absolutely superb and is as good or better than the most expensive amplifier manufacturers in high end audio. They have more than enough power to drive most sanely built speakers out there with ease. These are true reference amplifiers and produce beautiful full class A sound with a sound stage you can walk through. The only reason for the sale is because I don't have the time to enjoy them anymore. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and know that you are buying from a trusted Audiogon member with a long history of positive feedback. The amplifiers have been in a dedicated listening room which is temperature and humidity controlled. Comes with all the stock 845 and 211 tubes. Tubes have less than 300 hours on them. Tube cages included as well as all original packaging. Amplifiers were Purchased from an authorized Triode Corporation of Japan dealer 1 year ago. I will accept a bank check and will ship after it clears, Cash upon pick up accepted as well. Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping. Will ship via Freight.
Also available Junone Reference preamplifier!!! (14999$)
I will do nice package deal's your goal to get extremely good performance pure class A sonics!!!
 TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: The TRX-M845s are physically imposing mono block amps, each of which weighs over 100 pounds. The casework is gorgeous. The amps accept RCAs as well as XLRs. They will accept either 211 or 845 output tubes and in each instance, a switch makes the choice. Feedback is select-able via a rotary switch on the rear of each amp. Construction is by hand without printed circuit boards. Everything is hard-wired point to point in a very neat way. Components are chosen with great care, and include Koa resistors and Toichi capacitors. The tube sockets are nice ceramic and gold specimens that accommodate easy tube swaps, being neither too tight nor loose. The circuit has three stages of gain using a 12AU7 and 6SN7 as the initial stage into an 845, which in turn drives paralleled 211/845 outputs producing either 40 watts with the 211’s or 50 watts with the 845’s. Put simply, this is one very special and unique pair of mono block amplifiers designed to maximize your musical enjoyment. Shipping: Flat rate of $500 or less depending on location. These will ship on a pallet in the original boxes via freight shipping. Also available for local pickup/Demo in North New Jersey. Reviews: Reviwer comments: The sound was simply spellbinding. I can't recall hearing imaging this good on any system using conventional speakers for less than US$100,000, and if you do the math, you'll note that this system doesn't even reach US$50,000. Not only did it image well in front of me, but it placed instruments three to four feet in front, behind, and beside the speakers! Bass control was tremendous, and the balance of warmth and detail throughout the midrange and top end was some of the best I've heard in a system where every component utilizes tubes. What's more, two of the products used in this system, the preamp and the amplifiers, just went into production less than a week ago, as they're the first of their kind for Triode. Manufacturer Specifications: TRX-M845 845 A class parallel single ended monaural power amplifier Specification Tubes : Output tube 845*2 or 211*2 , Driver 845*1 , Balance in 12AU7*1 , Pre 6SN7*1 Bias : Self bias Output power : A class 50W at 8 ohms Frequency response : 10Hz-50kHz(-2dB) S/N ratio : 90dB Total harmonic distortion : 0.1% Input sensitivity : 0.9V Input impedance : 100k ohm Input terminals : RCA unbalanced*1 , XLR balanced*1(No.2 hot or No.3 hot switchable) Output terminals : 4 ohms , 6 ohms , 8 ohms , 16 ohms High quality banana plug capable type NFB selector : 0dB , 3dB , 6dB Equipped components : NEUTRIK XLR terminal (Germany) Other functions : 845/211 bias selector Bias check meter Power consumption : 280W Dimensions : W580mm*D440mm*H300mm Weight : 58kg Accessories : 211 tube*2 , Tube cover , AC cable
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