AudienceClairAudient LSA 16+16 usedAudience ClairAudient LSA 16+16  PRICE REDUCTION!For sale, a beautiful looking and sounding pair of Audience ClairAudient LSA 16+16 line source loudspeakers in Maccasar Ebony wood veneers. Mint condition. These are rarely seen on the used market...12950.00

Audience ClairAudient LSA 16+16 PRICE REDUCTION! [Expired]

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For sale, a beautiful looking and sounding pair of Audience ClairAudient LSA 16+16 line source loudspeakers in Maccasar Ebony wood veneers. Mint condition. These are rarely seen on the used market and are without any doubt one of the finest loudspeakers I've ever heard, price no object. List price in April 2011 was $65,000. These were the factory demo units Audience took to a few audio shows; Specs: Impedance 8 ohms Efficiency 99db Max RMS continuous output 129.3db Flat response from 40hz to 22khz with usable response to 30hz One way crossover-less design Each speaker has 32 3inch patented proprietary drivers, each with a moving mass of 2.5 grams and capable of 12mm usable excursion Interior of speaker is pentagon shaped 13 layers of Baltic Birch. Audience stopped making this speaker because it was too difficult to make. Nonetheless they gained praises and accolades at shows from top press and astute listeners alike (Harry Pearson, Robert Harley, John Atkinson, etc.). Please see comments as follows: See the latest pre-review comments from Harry Pearson below, illustrating this driver's unique sonic and technical abilities. Never previously in the history of small high-end full- range drivers has anything like this been available (full-range frequency response, continuous dynamic range, low distortion plot, mechanical excursion and power handling). Posted by: Neil Gader at 9:09 am, June 8th, 2012- The Absolute Sound Driven by all Audience power was the new Mk II version of the ClairAudient 16+16 flagship ($72k). To my ears the difference was quite startling with solid low-end response that didn’t inhibit the speed and crystalline focus that makes this design so listenable. By John Atkinson • Posted: Jun 8, 2012 The flagship Clairaudient 16+16 ($72,000/pair) made its debut at the Newport Beach Show. Each Clairaudient 16+16 uses 16 of the latest-generation drivers firing to the front and another 16 to the back, and is specified to be flat to 30Hz. The speakers were driven by Audience’s prototype Wavepower 100W class-D monoblocks, the Audience Wavemaster preamplifier, a Manley Chinook phono preamplifier, Oppo and Bryston digital sources, and a modified Denon turntable with Audience tonearm wire and a Lyra Delos MC cartridge. Cables, of course, were all Audience Au24e, and AC conditioning was done with an Audience Adept Response aR6-TS ($6000). No subwoofer was used at the Show but Cyrus Chestnut’s piano on Revelation had weighty low frequencies and a natural tonality, with a big stable soundstage. HP's Workshop - April/May 2010 "I thought the sound I heard there as magically "right" as any I have heard at any show. I forgot to listen to the sound and listened to the music. A joy." Harry Pearson - THE Show, Las Vegas 2010 POSTED BY HARRY PEARSON ON TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2013 I think you (as critical readers) owe this speaker system an intense and intensive listen if you are interested in such a product. It doesn’t pretend, as most speakers in its size and price range almost always do. It doesn’t lie. It tells the truth and will get you far closer to a sense of the real thing than any of its competing competitors can or will do. ~HP Robert Harley Blogs Audience “The LSA's sounded like a full-range speaker in every way, but with a coherence and seamlessness that was undoubtedly due to the lack of crossovers and disparate drivers. The midrange was palpable and immediate without sounding forward or emphasized. The top end had a full measure of detail and resolution, without the lack of air and extension I’ve heard in the past from full-range drivers. But the most surprising aspects of the LSA4+4 were its bass and dynamics. The bottom-end exhibited real weight and body, with a wonderful palpability of instrumental texture on acoustic bass. Similarly, the system was very quick, dynamic, and agile, with impact behind musical peaks.” (the point of this excerpt is to illustrate the ability of the smaller designs- image these traits in the flagship model).
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