ARLO AudioLP static eliminaternewARLO Audio LP static eliminaterWhat is ARLO AUDIO LP static eliminator about?The ARLO AUDIO LP Static Eliminator is a result of intensive development from a designer who is also a vinyl fanatic. Each unit is handmade, tested by ...175.00

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What is ARLO AUDIO LP static eliminator about?

The ARLO AUDIO LP Static Eliminator is a result of intensive development from a designer who is also a vinyl fanatic. Each unit is handmade, tested by the designer himself in US to make sure it meets the specification. It is simply the most effective product for record static treatment in the market. Our innovative static eliminating process starts when you put the record on turntable and continue until the end of last track. The LP static eliminator offers two functionalities:
(1) Anti-static treatment throughout the whole record playing period.
(2) Record stabilizer to minimize the vibration and reduce noise floor.

Two stages anti-static treatment

Most of the record static eliminating products on the market perform anti-static treatment before record playing. It is less effective since the static build-up when record is playing. The static electricity can build up more than 3000 volts during spinning record since the record constantly brush the air and cartridge. The static treatment before spinning record only is not enough. 
Our LP static eliminater performs the static eliminating process in two stages:
(1) Start-up static treatment: The LP static eliminater detects the record on the turntable performs the start-up static treatment to eliminate the existing static on the record. This stage takes around 30 seconds. The LED on front panel flashes continuously in this stage.
(2) Follow-up static treatment: By measuring the static, the embedded micro-controller performs follow-up static treatments during the record playing to minimize the build-up of static electricity on record. When static builds up, the follow-up static treatment kicks in. The LED flashes in a short period and indicates the follow-up static treatment has been activated.

The sound differences after eliminating static from record

You will be amazed from the first record spin with ARLO AUDIO LP static eliminator. It is simple - just power-on and put it on as a record weight. You will be surprised that so much musical details been missing all those years. There is no turning back when you start to use ARLO AUDIO LP static eliminator. Owning a decent vinyl playback, you owe yourself one. The same records will sound much smoother, less edgy, greater space depth and instrumental three-dimensionality. You feel the effect without effort.

Weights: 190g(6.7 oz counting the weight of a AA battery)
Size: 81mm/3.2″ diameter, 53mm/2.1″ height, 8mm/0.315″ spindle hole
Battery type: AA X 1
Battery life: more than 40 hours*

* The unit can be power-off when used as a pure record weight.

* Free Shipping in US using USPS priority mail box. Shipping to Canada with actual shipping cost.
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