Silver GhostXLRnewSilver Ghost XLR XLR IC's Right Angle 4'Right Angle Male to Female XLR Cable, Right-M to Straight-Female Fully balanced XLR interconnects featuring individual Teflon insulated, Silver Plated conductors. Shielded with a silver-plated-cop...200.00

Silver Ghost XLR XLR IC's Right Angle 4' [Expired]

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Right Angle Male to Female XLR Cable, Right-M to Straight-Female Fully balanced XLR interconnects featuring individual Teflon insulated, Silver Plated conductors. Shielded with a silver-plated-copper braid shield for extremely low noise. The outer jacket is Teflon. The connections are Neutrik with plated silver contacts. Solder is 5% silver solder. First of all, there is no other interconnect on the market at this price point that even comes close to these.. No hype, No snake oil No voodoo. Pure, simple, outstanding interconnects at any price, Wire: Silver plated Coaxial Cable Constructed with stranded silver plated copper conductors insulated with an extruded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric. The outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of silver and PTFE over a broad range of frequencies makes this coaxial cable outstanding for audio applications. Connector Specifications: Part of the Neutrik RC series, Male to Female XLR Cable, Right-M to Straight-Female Love the sound of that! Compact,low profile, right angle cable connector is designed to provide, 7 selectable cable outlet positions by rotating the assembled insert into various indents. Neutrik XX Series 3-Pin XLR Female and Male cable connectors. METAL HOUSING, SILVER CONTACTS Neutrik's "next generation" XLR connector, improves on Neutrik's industry standard "X" series connectors. Similar in style to the NP*X series, this new series is simple to use and will be available in 3 pin configuration. The compact unique styled die cast shell has internal threads that mate with the external threads on the boot to eliminate damage sometimes found on exposed threads. This series also incorporates Neutrik's unique chuck-type strain relief.Unique female and male cage type contact for increased conductivity and reduced wear of the male contacts A new ground contact that provides better integrity between the chassis and cable connectors. NC**XX series black metal housing with silver contacts. The new unified shell is stronger, and mates with all current Neutrik X series connectors. Additional Features: 5% Silver solder Latest Customer Review: Mark, I've spent last couple of nights amazed at the change the Black Shadow made in my system. They are installed between my EAD Ovation Plus Pre-Pro and Hafler 9303 Transnova power amp. I don't know if they're burned in or not, but right off the bat I could here a welcome difference. It's as if a veil or two had been removed and I heard details that weren't as easily perceptible before. Case in point, on one familiar recording (vinyl), there was a sound in the background that I was never able to clearly make out, but after installing the Black Shadow's it became clear as a bell, in fact it was a cowbell placed deep in the soundstage! I've used other well regarded XLR cables in my system before, but the Black Shadow has proven to be the most well, invisible. They allowed the signal between preamp and amp to flow with the least amount of editorialization which is what a good cable should do. I could go on with superlatives about how much I am enjoying my music now, but I'd probably end up with Carpal's tunnel. Congratulations on a great product Mark! I'd would recommend it to anyone looking for a high performance cable at a price that's a steal. And they're good looking cables to boot! Review: Hey Mark, First of all I love these xlr cables. from the moment i plugged them in i knew i was in for something special. For virgin cables to sound better than my big buck thousand hour audioquest cables right out of the box is pretty amazing. I already gave the other cables away! I am working up a list of what it is i need in regard to your power cables. As it looks now i will be needing ten(10) 3" power cables. Talk to you soon! Shipping is a flat $6.95 USPS Email me with any questions, All the best, Mark