MytekManhatten InewMytek Manhatten IThis is the original Manhatten. I am the second owner. It has not been upgraded. It has FireWire in place of usb. For $500 Mytek will upgrade it which will give the owner a current up to date M...2800.00

Mytek Manhatten I [Expired]

no longer for sale

This is the original Manhatten.  I am the second owner.  It has not been upgraded.  It has FireWire in place of usb.  For $500 Mytek will upgrade it which will give the owner a current up to date Manhatten II with the latest ESS Sabre Chip, usb in place of FireWire, MQA, and more.  Thie owner may choose to add the phono Pre amp module as well for another $500.   As it is, this is a fantastic DAC.  It is amazingly detailed.  If something was placed on a recording, you will hear it.  Yet despite the detail retrieval it is very Musical.   As a Headphone DAC it will drive any cans, no preamp required.  It has it’s own DAC chip and power source for dedicated Headphone listening.   Recently my preamp was disabled and I used the Manhatten for a month as a preamp.  It offers both a digital and analog volume control.  I recommend using the analog.   It does DSD, has multiple filter settings, and a lot more.   So here’s the deal: I could ship this to Mytek, pay for the upgrade, and then resell this as a new Manhatten II.  Or the new owner could do this, and also decide if they want to order the Phono preamp module as well.  I am offering this for about half the price of a new Manhatten II.  If you buy it and do the upgrade you will have a Manhatten II and save several thousand dollars.  And if you choose not to, you still have a fantastic DAC.   I am rating this an 8/10 due to a few scuffs on the top, and the on/off switch is a little finicky.  It works but takes a few tries.  If you leave your gear on all the time, it is a non issue, but if you are doing the upgrade I would ask Mytek to look at that
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