Emotive AudioSira usedEmotive Audio Sira  custom tube preamplifierFor sale is this absolutely beautiful Emotive Audio Sira preamp. It's been my main preamp for several years now and I'm only selling it because I upgraded to a new, completely custom, one-off Sira ...2950.00

Emotive Audio Sira custom tube preamplifier

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For sale is this absolutely beautiful Emotive Audio Sira preamp. It's been my main preamp for several years now and I'm only selling it because I upgraded to a new, completely custom, one-off Sira which was hand-built by Fred Volz of Emotive Audio.

This Sira functions flawlessly and recently came back from Emotive Audio to ensure that it was in tip top shape. It's cosmetically in incredible condition with no scratches to the solid granadillo wood cabinet and no damage anywhere. I had custom cocobolo knobs made which are included but I also have the original aluminum knobs which you can see in one of the photos.

NOTE: All photos are of the actual unit including the two photos which shows a closeup of when it was in my system and the wide shot photo of my listening room showing the Sira paired with my Cain and Cain speakers.

I am also offering a tube upgrade which is optional. A Sophia Electric 274B rectifier tube ($100 extra) which can be used in lieu of the 5R4.

Sira's don't come up for sale too often. This one sounds absolutely beautiful and is in exceptional condition. Again, only selling it because of the new Sira which was built for me. Free shipping within the continental US. Thank you.


At the heart of the Sira's audio circuit are its superb
sounding 5687 twin-triode voltage amplifier and the super linear 6186 cathode
follower tubes. We've configured these into an extremely simple audio circuit,
but with an elaborate support system of voltage regulators and high impedance
current sources to create an optimal operating environment for these tubes.

Think of it this way: the 5687 twin triode and 6186 cathode
follower have the potential to amplify your music's audio signal with great
integrity. Unfortunately, the potential of these (or any other) great audio
tubes can not be realized within the constraints of conventional audio design.
This is because tubes require electrically specific operating environments to
reach their potential--operating environments that are difficult to provide.

The reason these environments are so hard to provide is
that, often, the values that define them are in direct conflict with each other
within conventional audio circuit designs. This is where the Sira is unlike
more conventional preamplifiers. We've eliminated the conflicting needs within
its audio circuits through the use of high impedance current sources in place
of both the plate and cathode resistors for the audio tubes. The result is that
these tubes can operate in a much more linear manner than in conventional
circuits. And, this yields real improvement in audio quality--allowing the
music to come through more freely.

The Sira is an all vacuum tube design. We've incorporated
vacuum tube-type circuitry for the power supply's rectification, voltage
regulation and high impedance current sources. This approach has proven to be
the ultimate for providing musical sounding support circuits for the Sira's
audio tubes.

The Sira is hand crafted using point-to-point wiring for its
audio and power supply circuitry. Its chassis is constructed from thick brushed
stainless steel and solid granadillo wood to provide a strong non-magnetic
structure for its circuitry. The result is a superior sounding and elegant
looking product.

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