Purist Audio DesignDominus DiamondnewPurist Audio Design Dominus Diamond 1.5 meter ACSee link for exciting news about Purist Audio and new products at Munich High End Audio show in Germany: https://www.bestofhighend.com/purist-audio-design-at-high-end-2018-5/ This ad is for new...4495.00

Purist Audio Design Dominus Diamond 1.5 meter AC

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See link for exciting news about Purist Audio and new products at Munich High End Audio show in Germany:


This ad is for new Dominus Diamond AC in 1.5 meter length or custom built to suit your need.  I have all of the Purist Audio line of cables including interconnect, digital and speaker.
There is a recent review of this outstanding AC cord.   I think an accurate evaluation of the performance of the Purist Dominus Diamond.   See link below:


Dominus Diamond uses nano technology blended with Furutech silver connectors from 30th Anniversary AC. This  creates a phenomenal new AC cable that must be heard to be believed.  Absolutely the best performance in Purist line for the dollar,

Price quoted is retail, Purist trade in program is available from earlier Purist models and possibly (certain) equipment trades. 

Contact me and I'll provide quote.  We have all forms of communication available since I am long time verified member and paid ad.

Questions for the seller
That sounds good. Thanks for your prompt responses. I have used Purist items in my system going all the way back to when they had the plastic tubes with black and blue fluids. I presently use various grades of Purist in my system (speaker, interconnect and power cords). I give extra weight in considering Purist over other brands. The review was very informative; however, there were a few red flags that raised some concern: The use of silver is noted to enhance high frequencies. I was concerned this might give a brighter, edginess in the sound--something very uncharacteristic of the sound I associate with Purist. You also noted that this pc is more dynamic than the original Dominus. That is great if it can be done without creating edginess and sacrificing the rich, warm midrange I like in the Purist line. (In particular, I like the way the Purist cables in my system handles massed strings--lacking somewhat in detail, but with a rich, sweet midrange.) The only other pc I considered was the Shunyata Sigma, which was not used in the review as a comparison. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks. Dudley
I have not had the Shunyata Sigma for comparision. There are simply too many cables from too many companies to keep track. I agree with your assessment of Purist being musical but assure you the Dominus Diamond is still firmly in that camp but with enhanced (low distortion) improvement in high frequencies but not edgy or bright.
Your listing for this item has additional information that you have all Purist items. The item listed here would not be suitable for the component I would use this for, but I was interested to see if you would be able to get this item that would work in the ARC Ref 6, which has 20 amp end to go into the preamp with a 15 amp plug on the other end. The Dominus I use now is a 20 amp and I use an adapter to plug into my line filter. I would also use the shortest length possible--not the 1.5 meter.
I can get the Purist Dominus Diamond with 20 Amp plug for ARC and 15 amp at the wall without need for adapter. It's available in 1 meter rather than 1.5 meter which might better suit your need and is slightly less money.
I am presently using the Dominus PC in my ARC Ref 6 preamp. What is the difference between the Dominus and the Dominus Diamond?
The Dominus Diamond uses nano technology and and is more dynamic, wider bandwidth and more extended (expecially in high frequencies) than regular Dominus. In my opinion one would have to go to Purist 25th Anniversary to out perform Dominus Diamond
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