Wharfedalediamond 10.7newWharfedale Diamond 10.7 SpeakersItem Description Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 speakers Cinnamon Cherry This is our Demo pair with full warranty amazing floorstanding speakers .. best value award !! FormatFloorspeakerBass Driver2 X 1...595.00

Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 Speakers [Expired]

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Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 speakers Cinnamon Cherry 
This is our Demo pair with full warranty  
amazing floorstanding speakers .. best value award !! 

FormatFloorspeakerBass Driver2 X 165mmMidrange Driver50mm DomeTweeter25mmSuitable Amplifier Power30 - 200wNominal Impedance6 ΩA/V ShieldednoSensitivity (1W @ 1M)90 dBNominal Frequency Range30-24kHzHF Limit (-10dB)44kHzFreq. Fb35HzCrossover Frequency150Hz / 850HzCrossover Freq (3-Way)4.5kHzDimensions (mm)(H*W*D)965*223*31Height on spikes/feet (mm)

And a review 

Stronger cabinet walls:
  The concept of curved cabinet walls, for strength and the reduction of internal standing waves, has been retained from the Diamond 9 Series. However, these walls have been made stronger through a superior method of bonding and curving the panels, increasing rigidity and, aided by internal bracing, reducing the audible effects of panel resonance.Composite front baffle panel:  The front baffle features a composite panel structure with a piano-black finish. This contributes to the speaker's smart new look and, more importantly, to its improved sound quality, as it reduces the effects of vibration and provides a stable platform for the drive units.Improvements to the mid/bass drive unit:  To make the most of the stronger cabinet, the main drive unit chassis has been enhanced with a massive flange that is secured using six screws, thus improving its stability. A diamond pattern has also been moulded into the surround of the Kevlar cone; this is more than just cosmetic as the pattern reduces and damps standing waves in the surround, yielding a cleaner high-frequency acoustic roll-off and enhancing the ability of the mid/bass unit and tweeter to work as a cohesive whole.Rear-firing twin reflex ports:  The speaker's twin reflex ports have been moved to the rear of the cabinet, to reduce the effects of audible distortion. These ports extend the bass to below 45Hz, contributing to an impressive sense of sonic scale.Tweeter diffuser:  Over the soft-dome tweeter is a metal diffusion grid which, as well as protecting the dome when the speaker is being used without its grille, also irons out high-frequency perturbations right up to 30kHz, delivering a smoother response and crystal-clear treble detailing. Enhanced front grille with 'invisible' fixing:  The front grille has been improved to ensure it has no adverse effect on the speaker's performance. In addition, it is now affixed without pegs, therefore eschewing the need for unsightly holes in the piano-black finish front baffle.Low Profile Chassis:  The open nature of the chassis reduces reflection from rear cone movements, allowing air to move freely through the driver, which in turn results to an overall even response with a much lower distortion.  Formed from a high density, injection-moulded polymer pioneered by Wharfedale, the chassis itself provides substantial damping of ring waves.Neodymium-Powered Tweeter Mounted in Cast Alloy Surround:  With the use of neodymium, the strongest of 'rare earth' materials, a concentration of the magnetic field is directed within the area of voice coil excursion.  The cast alloy mounting plate has a profiled cross-section to optimize the dispersion of high frequency sound so it integrates flawlessly with the bass/mid-range drivers and produces a fast and more linear response possible. Blended SRBP Cone Surrounds:  The new textured surround allows a large 'vMax' apart from providing a compliant driver gasket, which dramatically improved dynamic response.  The diamond profiled surround features rim-edge stiffeners which effectively damp cone resonances.Offset Bi-Wire Terminals:  Utilizing the same familiar offset terminal block as with its predecessors, the gold-plated contact areas and bridging strips allow firm connections with the best possible connectivity, whilst the offset pattern provides allowance for heavy duty cables and a wider range of cable connection options.

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