Backert LabsRhumba Extreme 1.2usedBackert Labs Rhumba Extreme 1.2  preamp preamplifier SALEA clearance priced NEW tube preamp from Backert Labs: The Rhumba 1.2 Extreme This is from the Audiogon forums, written by a client who purchased the Rhumba 1.2 Extreme: "The last bit of t...4500.00

Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme 1.2 preamp preamplifier SALE [Expired]

no longer for sale

A clearance priced NEW tube preamp from Backert Labs: The Rhumba 1.2 Extreme

This is from the Audiogon forums, written by a client who purchased the Rhumba 1.2 Extreme: 

"The last bit of top end sparkle and detail that I had been chasing for years is finally mine. Crystal clear and detailed without a hint of grain or brightness. The mids are rich and meaty, beautifully textured and layered. It was the bottom end which really surprised me. It is DEEEEP!!!!! No mush or gray area, think razor sharp, black and white. The sound stage is wide and deep. Performers and instruments are located and placed properly with space around them. The stage extends well outside of the speakers and makes them just disappear. The attack is quick like a shot while the decay is gradual, not the on/off that I was accustomed to. This presents a BIG sound and really makes you feel that you are listening live. The music doesn't sound reproduced it is conveyed. The sound is rhythmic and quick and with wonderful impact. It is ruler flat with no bloat or bloom. I spent a lot of money on this and feel like I made out like a bandit for the added amount of enjoyment and pleasure that it has afforded me."   _________________________________
Fully balanced XLR input and output... remote volume control.... and sonic bliss. The Rhumba 1.2 Extreme preamp from Backert Labs. Factory new. Made in Pennsylvania - even the chassis. 
Retail price: $5,500. Now: $4,500. These are the last units made of this incredible tube preamplifier. This line stage uses radically new technology designed by amplification veteran Bob Backert. Two 12au7 tubes, a beautiful remote volume control, and just 75 ohms output impedance, so it will mate happily with literally any power amplifier. 

The Extreme is essentially our $9,995 Rhythm flagship placed into the less expensive chassis of the Rhumba 1.2. The Rhumba Extreme is an upgrade over the incredible Rhumba 1.2 in several ways: 
1. The Extreme includes our proprietary automatic and continuous tube biasing -- makes every tube you use in the Rhumba Extreme sound its very best   2. Premium Mullard tubes, for even smoother highs and just a touch of beautiful warmth   3. Premium TerraCone feet, from edenSound (retail for $95 per foot)   4. Mundorf's latest and most advanced capacitors for the output coupling caps  5. Upgraded polypropylene capacitors throughout the power supply and gain stage 

The Rhumba 1.2 Extreme can be had with silver front plate only. 

Body color is traditional black, or for $200 more we offer stunning red and blue color options. 
As with the standard Rhumba 1.2, the Rhumba Extreme propels dynamic, rhythmic, huge, clean and beautiful tubed sound from your speakers. Sound quality far above its price. 
The primary improvement in sound quality that you will experience with the Rhumba 1.2 Extreme over the Rhumba 1.2 is additional resolution and scale in the critical midrange frequencies. The Extreme's tube access door lets you see the warm glow of your tubes during late night listening sessions, and gives you instant access for changing tubes, no tools required. Under the door, the protective enclosure around the tubes prevents young fingers from accessing the circuit board.  
-Remote volume control.   -Three RCA inputs, one fully balanced XLR input.   -Two RCA outputs, one fully balanced XLR output.   -REC OUT, and Home Theater bypass.   -Mute switch.   -Balance control. 

Full refund of your purchase price if you are not satisfied within 14 days.  Questions? You can just write to us here. You'll hear back from our President, Andy Tebbe. We are very proud of what we have achieved with the the Rhumba Extreme. We can't wait for you to hear what it does for your system.