Backert LabsRhumba 1.3 Extreme tubeusedBackert Labs Rhumba 1.3 Extreme tube  preamp preamplifierThe preamp that could save your life. Once upon a time, a guy named Andy was stressed out by his job. He was a musician on the side, so he attempted to enjoy life more by getting a nice stereo....6500.00

Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 Extreme tube preamp preamplifier [Expired]

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The preamp that could save your life. 

Once upon a time, a guy named Andy was stressed out by his job. He was a musician on the side, so he attempted to enjoy life more by getting a nice stereo. It was great and all, but it never made him FEEL like he did when he performed with his band. Then he heard about Bob Backert, a designer who believes that a satisfying musical experience depends crucially on the preamp. So Andy ordered a preamp from Bob. When he unpacked it and fired it up, everything changed. The resolution was amazing and dynamics were better but more importantly, the music seemed....  real. Something was happening "in the moment" in his listening room. It was a new kind of feeling, and the beginning of a renewed obsession with music.

Andy eventually went into business with Bob and his son, Gary.  They started Backert Labs and created the Rhythm preamp, using Bob's patented power supply and many of his other unique technologies. Today the Rhythm preamp sells for $10,000. This listing offers a new Rhumba Extreme 1.3. It possesses nearly every feature of the Rhythm preamp, only in a less-costly chassis and with less-costly power supply capacitors, saving its owner thousands of dollars in accessing the most high-resolution, live-sounding and natural music that we at Backert Labs know how to deliver. 

Fully-balanced XLR input and fully-balanced XLR output. Class A design. No negative feedback. Assembled by hand in Pennsylvania. The Rhumba 1.3 Extreme from Backert Labs is the last preamp you'll ever need. 

A tubed line stage using radically new technology that results in just 75 ohms of output impedance, which means it pairs nicely with any power amp. Internal wire by Kimber Kable.  A beautiful and heavy remote volume control.  9dB of gain. Uses just two 12au7 tubes, which Bob Backert runs so gently that they will last many, many years. 

Although our base Rhumba 1.3 preamp at $4,000 betters many preamps at significantly higher prices, the Rhumba Extreme preamp is indeed a serious upgrade to the base Rhumba, featuring many improvements, including the following 7 specific advances:

1. Our proprietary automatic and continuous tube biasing. Tube biasing is found on all *power* amps, but almost no preamps. The effect is that every tube you use in the Rhumba Extreme will last longer and will sound its very best at all times.

2. Dual-mono regulator in the power supply, for exceptional separation and imaging

3. Premium Mullard tubes, for even smoother highs and just a touch of beautiful warmth

4. A special circuit that addresses the volume control section of the preamp -- one of the most sensitive areas for preserving the integrity of the original source signal -- in a completely new way, making your music even more easy to enjoy at any volume level

5. A cool blue LED indicating volume knob position in all light conditions

6. Premium TerraCone feet, from edenSound which retail for $95 per foot, which improve microdynamics and the sense of space in a recording

7. Upgraded polypropylene capacitors throughout the power supply, delivering more refinement and larger sense of scale and massivenss in works that call for it   

Comments from recent Rhumba Extreme purchasers:

  • "I began to neglect regular life as I renewed the joy of listening. I have heard instrumental details, special subtleties (most importantly with vocals) as if I had never heard some of my recordings before."
  • "There are details in the music and overtones of instruments that I have never experienced in over 40 years as an audiophile.  During part of that time I had a business interest in 2 high end audio stores and was able to audition some of the very best high end equipment ever made.  The Rhumba combined with my Pass amp produces the most listenable experience that I have ever had."
  • "I’ve received my Rhumba 1.3 Extreme.  I’ve been listening, all day yesterday & today. Holy Mother of Crap !!  Right out the box... compliments to the chef(s).  You've knocked this one out-of-the park, by a mile!  It sounds passionate, decadent, provocative, on-point/spot-on incisive... this Rhumba Extreme is just enthralling!"

    The Rhumba 1.3 Extreme can be had with silver or black front plate, a no-cost option. Body color is traditional black, or for $200 we offer stunning red and blue color options. The Rhumba 1.3 and  Rhumba 1.3 Extreme now feature a stereo-mono switch on the front panel. 

    The Extreme's tube access door gives you instant access for changing tubes, no tools required. Under the door, the protective enclosure around the tubes prevents young fingers from accessing the circuit board. 

    Standard features on every Rhumba:

    - Remote volume control actuating a fully analog ALPS control.

    - Three RCA inputs, one fully balanced XLR input.

    - Two RCA outputs, one fully balanced XLR output.

    - REC OUT, and Home Theater bypass.

    - Mute switch. Stereo/Mono switch. Balance control


    Full refund of your purchase price if you are not satisfied within 14 days.  And no need to worry - we break-in every Backert Labs preamp for at least 168 hours of playing time, so that you will immediately hear exceptional sound upon receiving your Backert Labs preamp.

    Questions? You can just write to us here. You'll hear back from our President, Andy Tebbe. 

    We are very proud of what we have achieved with the Rhumba Extreme. We can't wait for you to hear what it does for your system.

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