Morrow AudioSP-4new45% OFF - Morrow Audio Back To Work Sale!Experience great improvements with our SSI Cable Technology.CLICK HERE for our SaleEasy Pay payment plan available.Cable Trade-Up Programs.60 day returns.Experience what others have in your system....399.00

45% OFF - Morrow Audio Back To Work Sale! [Expired]

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Experience great improvements with our SSI Cable Technology.

CLICK HERE for our Sale

  • Easy Pay payment plan available.
  • Cable Trade-Up Programs.
  • 60 day returns.
  • Experience what others have in your system.

Price listed is for a 2 meter pair of standard SP4 Speaker Cables.

Joseph B Submitted: 2018.01.22

Hello Mike,

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm sending my SP2 cables via USPS Priority mail today to fulfill my trade-up obligations for my SP4s. All I can say is…wow. The sound is so natural and engaging. At the moment I'm listening to a Jane Monheit recording. I can't recall ever being so drawn into her vocals. Thanks again for exceeding my expectations.

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Donald P Submitted: 2017.10.20

HI MIKE OMG!!!! THE cables aren’t even broken in but it sounds like I got a new subwoofer, new speakers and a new amp. It also sounds like there are no cables at all. I cant imagine what they will sound like when broken in because they are already amazing.


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Michael B Submitted: 2017.05.19

I’ve just received a new pair of your SP4 speaker cables; I’m surprised and very impressed.

When I first read about your product I was interested and skeptical. In a previous life I designed specialty interconnects and cables and the fact that you use small gauge solid core wire is what first got my attention. I first tried your SP2 cables and MA2 interconnects. I didn’t expect much, maybe a slight change. I was impressed with the interconnects, so I bought another pair of the MA4 interconnects, then another pair. Now I've replaced my SP2 cables with SP4’s. After so many years of reading marketing BS I finally found an audio cable product that matches the marketing. Your product is the best sounding cable I’ve encountered. I’ve had many brands of cables; yours truly provide a dramatic, positive difference to my hobby.

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Thomas J Submitted: 2016.08.09

Hello Mike, the SP4's speaker wire are doing great. They made my system sound a little fuller and it seems like the volume has increased. They do bring out every note in the music. they sound good. I feel I made a good choice. I am very happy with these. Thank you for working with me on getting the right cables for my system. thank you !!

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