Boulder1021usedBoulder 1021 NETWORK DISC PLAYERBoulder 1021 Network Disc Player in superb condition. Two years old. $ 7995 ONO NB. 240 volt 50/60 Hz.When the 1021 debuted it was the conclusion of one of the largest undertakings in Boulde...6000.00

Boulder 1021 NETWORK DISC PLAYER [Expired]

no longer for sale

Boulder 1021 Network Disc Player in superb condition.  Two years old.

$ 7995 ONO

NB.  240 volt 50/60 Hz.

When the 1021 debuted it was the conclusion of one of the largest undertakings in Boulder’s history: It is the first complete source component from the company. Development lasted for two years and the result completely changes the limits of what a disc player can be, especially since it does not need a disc to make music. Since then it has earned over-the-top praise by owners, dealers, reviewers and other manufacturers from around the world and has justly become the standard by which streaming disc players are measured.

“I can say is that the 1021 is an absolutely superb sounding unit, with superb ergonomics and display capabilities. It provides equally excellent performance with both the oldest, roughest Phillips and Sony CDs in my collection, and from the new 192/24 high-res discs that are coming out from Chesky and Reference Recordings, and the other high-res material you can download by going to HDTracks.

“The Boulder 1021 may be very expensive, but it is both superbly engineered and superb-sounding. Its measured performance is at the current state of the art for high-resolution audio performance, and its ability to retrieve, store, and display the metadata for the CDs it plays is addicting. Its future is really guaranteed, however, by its ability to play data discs carrying high-resolution audio files, whether they be ones you've burned yourself from downloads, or commercial discs from companies like Reference Recordings or Fidelio. Yes, playing such files back from your computer is possible, but computer soundcards that can get the most from files sampled at 176.4kHz and 192kHz are few and far between. F

·        Plays Compact Discs, data disks, and streaming audio from a UPnP/DLNA network

·        Decodes MP3, FLAC, WAV, ALAC (Apple Lossless), OGG Vorbis, and AIFF files in resolutions up to 24-bits and 192 kHz

·        Boulder's proprietary digital filter results in optimized phase and frequency response

·        Large, full-color LCD display with a parallel VGA output for connection to video systems

·        Internal volume control and two pairs of analog outputs for direct connection to amplifiers and powered subwoofers

·        Artist, track name, and album name are automatically downloaded and displayed when streaming or playing Compact Discs

·        Read-Until-Right system buffers digital music and repeatedly scans damaged disks to extract accurate data

·        Clock signals are stripped from music data before buffering to eliminate jitter

·        Comprehensive setup and custom configuration menu