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Experience SSI Cable Technology [Expired]

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Experience great improvements with our SSI Cable Technology

CLICK HERE to see our sale and full details

  • Easy Pay payment plan available.
  • Cable Trade-Up Programs.
  • 60 day returns.
  • Experience what others have in your system.

Price listed is for a 2 meter pair of standard Elite Speaker Cables.

Len P Submitted: 2018.04.09

Hello Mike,

I think I am finally there, the cables are finally broken in. I was beginning to have my doubts and was missing the sound of my older SP5’s. This past week has been a noticeable almost step change in overall sound. Everything evened out and the "sound stage" opened up dramatically. I am now going back and listening to my favorite CD’s and hearing things I never heard before. The break in did take longer than I thought it would. I am wondering if it is because my Zu speakers are supper efficient and the cables are not carrying much current/power.

Anyway, bottom line is I am VERY pleased with my Elite Grand Reference Speaker Cables. I never would have imagined that cable would make that much of a difference and that my system would sound this great. Thanks again for you fantastic products. Worth every penny!

Len P

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Greg Submitted: 2018.02.19

Amazing! (Elite Grand Reference speaker cables) Astounding detail and slippery-ness. 3D spatiality in spades. Very nice controlled low end. They exceed their reputation in my system. Superb product and thank you! Greg

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Richard P Submitted: 2017.12.11

I recently bought your Elite speaker cables which replaced my Analysis One cables in my Legacy Aeris based system. I just had to write to tell you how much they have changed the sound for the better. Good work!

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Jon F Submitted: 2017.08.07

Your Elite loudspeaker cables have been in my system now for over a month. Their sound - my sound is very relaxed, detailed and open with natural tonality. The soundstage has an unwavering 3D quality and players can be positioned precisely; front to back and left to right. Clearly (pun intended) the best sound I have had to date. The Elites have given me a window into how great my NOLA Metro Golds really are.

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