AudioQuestType 8 Speaker CablenewAudioQuest Type 8 Speaker Cable, 48 ft, NEWMSRP $9.75 per foot. My offer $6.00 per foot. Total 48 ft. Sale by spool only. Buyer pays actual shipping cost.2x12 AWG, total 3.3 sq mm. Authentic Audioquest Type 8 purchased from AA in 2015. Neve...240.00

AudioQuest Type 8 Speaker Cable, 48 ft, NEW [Expired]

no longer for sale

MSRP $9.75 per foot. My offer $6.00 per foot. Total 48 ft. Sale by spool only. Buyer pays actual shipping cost.

2x12 AWG, total 3.3 sq mm. Authentic Audioquest Type 8 purchased from AA in 2015. Never been used. Total 8 solid, pure copper, insulated conductors (no skin effect). Manufacturer's description below. 

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Type 8 uses a carefully finessed combination of Long-Grain Copper (LGC) and extremely high purity Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) 
conductors. All conductors are solid, which prevents strand interaction, a 
major source of distortion. Surface quality is critical because a conductor can 
be considered as a rail-guide for both the electric fields within a conductor, 
and for the magnetic fields outside the conductor. LGC has fewer oxides within 
conducting material, 
less impurities, less grain boundaries, and definitively better performance. 
The astonishingly smooth and pure PSC further eliminates harshness and greatly 
increases clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other coppers.
relationship between conductors defines some of a cable’s basic electrical 
values (capacitance and inductance). Independent of these values, the 
relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly effect 
performance. The circular-spiral construction of Type 8 allows for 
significantly better dynamic contrast and clarity than if the same conductors 
were run in parallel or as multiple twisted pairs.
Any single size or shape of conductor has a characteristic distortion 
profile. Even though radially symmetrical conductors (solid round or tubular) 
have the fewest discontinuities, each size still has a sonic signature. Type 8 
uses a precise combination of four different size conductors in order to 
significantly reduce the audibility of these character flaws.
BIWIRING: When possible, running 
separate conductors or separate cables to the treble and bass “halves” of a 
speaker will considerably reduce distortion. The large magnetic fields 
associated with bass energy modulate a cable’s electrical properties, thereby 
modulating/distorting the treble … similar to the way waves in the ocean make 
it much harder to swim. Type 8 may be used as a Single-BiWire cable by 
preparing Type 8 with four connections on the speaker end.. For maximum performance 
though, use two pair of Type 8 or a Double-BiWire set.
DIRECTIONS: The “breakouts” on 
either end of Type 8 are marked “Speaker End” or Amp End.” Please use cables in 
the direction indicated.