KrellFPB-600usedKRELL FPB-600 - Full Power Class A Reference Power AmplifierKRELL'S FPB-600C is not just one of Stereophile's Recommended Components but one that stunned them. Read the review of the 600C. "MC was smitten by this 600 WPC solid-state amplifier's huge uncom...5800.00

KRELL FPB-600 - Full Power Class A Reference Power Amplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

KRELL'S FPB-600C is not just one of Stereophile's Recommended Components but one that stunned them.  Read the review of the 600C.  "MC was smitten by this 600 WPC solid-state amplifier's huge uncompromising peak loudness and incomparable power delivery, as well as by its transparency, state-of-the-art depth and mid-range 'tube-like' tonality.  MC confidently declares the FPB 600 FIRST among all Class A amplifiers.  Since that rating means the best we know, I feel in the light of this design achievement, the rest will have to be re-classed.  This amp just could re-calibrate the scale!" 

With 600 watts per channel at 8 Ohms, 1200 at 4 and a clean 2400 Watt per channel at 2 Ohms, you'll be owning one of the most powerful amplifiers on the planet.  At the time of the review the 600C was the most powerful production amplifier in existence.  Apparently it was also the best sounding regardless or price.    

Does one need this much power?  Here's another quote, "Conversely, the generous dynamic range of a big audio system can be crucial in allowing full expression of music's potential, especially in larger rooms. Power alone, if uncompromised in absolute fidelity, is well recognized as a positive factor in sound quality."   

Designed and built by Dan D'agostino, this generation of Krell amplifiers continues to thrill listeners.  When this amp came in on trade we sent it to Krell for a full check-up. It's been tuned, with numerous updates and ready to provide years of enjoyment. 
This amplifier will drive ANY loudspeaker with control and finesse while delivering the power that will make a seasoned audiophile weak and breakdown in tears of joy.  Prepare yourself...


  • Multiple Toroidal Transformers
  • Aircraft grade machining and fastening for low chassis resonance
  • Krell-Coat finish - For a timeless look that's built to last
  • Sustained Plateau Bias II - Maintains Pure Class A operation regardless of load


  • CLASS - Pure Class A Operation to Full Power
  • POWER/CH - (8 Ohm)  600W
  • POWER/CH - (4 Ohm) 1200W
  • POWER/CH - (2 Ohm) 2400W
  • DIMENSIONS - (LxWxH) 25.5" x 19" x 10.3"
  • WEIGHT: 182 Lbs 


  • Original Box and packing
  • Original Manual
  • Original power cord (10 AWG)

CONDITION -  This unit was well cared for by its previous owner and is very clean and dust free.   No sign of smoke, pets or kids.  The face is very clean.

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DELIVERY - The amplifier will ship in its original box, inside a wooden crate.  A commercial address or pick-up at the freight terminal are preferred since freight delivery to a residential address may incur an additional lift-gate ($50-$65) and residential fee. ($50-$75).

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