Concert Fidelity DAC-040usedConcert Fidelity  DAC-040 Original Version (not BD, not NX)I'm offering for sale my Concert Fidelity DAC-040 (version 1.5) which I have owned and used for 6 years. This is the original version, not the battery nor the newer NX version. It works beautiful...2000.00

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Concert Fidelity DAC-040 Original Version (not BD, not NX) [Expired]

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I'm offering for sale my Concert Fidelity DAC-040 (version 1.5) which I have owned and used for 6 years.  This is the original version, not the battery nor the newer NX version.  It works beautifully and is in basically perfect condition.  
I am very conservatively rating it 7/10 due to its age and a few very faint dots (minuscule and hardly visible) and one tiny nick (maybe 2 mm long) on the beautifully finished silver-grey aluminum case, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the upside of its beautiful appearance and its really fine cosmetic condition.  The imperfections are really hard to make out even in the photograph taken in full sunlight, and you have to get really close (a couple of feet) to see them. 
As you may know the CF DAC-040 plays basically RedBook CD music signals only through a NOS Philips DAC chip, each hand selected by the designer - Mr. Masataka Tsuda.  I believe the chip is not necessarily the Philips TDA1541, but it might be.  It is basically a trade secret of CF's.  I believe that the actual chips used are very carefully chosen out of a given stock.  The CF DAC-40 will play higher resolution PCM tracks but you will get the equivalent of 16/44.  Regardless, it puts many high resolution DACs to shame, it is so good.  The tube output stage, tube rectification and circuitry are quite legendary.  Dick Olsher was a huge fan.  Here is a link to his write-up: 
One thing to keep in mind is that the CF DAC-040 only permits SPDIF digital input, so you must use a CD transport or your own USB converter or ethernet conversion device to feed it digital music signals.  For this purpose at first I used a Berkeley USB converter, and more recently I have been using a DCS Network Bridge.   
I really loved the DAC-040 in my old system which essentially favored tubes (in my opinion) and I am reluctantly selling it because it is a really great DAC.  My new speaker system is designed for and responds best to solid state electronics and so I am switching to something very similar conceptually in that it uses an old R2R chipset except that it has an all SS circuit without any tubes.  If you like the sound of tubes, this CF DAC-040 is a truly great DAC to have.  It also allows easy rolling of tubes as the output stage tubes can be replaced at the back of the unit without opening the lid.  I have some excellent old stock pairs of 12AU7 tubes (Philips, Tung Sol black, RadioTechnique, Brimar, Siemens chrome - 5 pairs in total) that I will include to allow to you get a nice variety of flavors.  The CF DAC-040 also requires a 6CA4/EZ81 tube for rectification (this one is inside, not external), and I will include a couple of high quality NOS 6CA4s (1xMullard, 1xValvo) to be used for this purpose.
I bought it from a fellow Audiogoner who bought it himself as an ex-demo from a one-time US dealer (Xtreme Fidelity) for Concert Fidelity. 
All the original accessories and box will be included.  
Here is a link to the Concert Fidelity website, except it lists only the CF DAC-040 BD which I believe is now superseded by the NX version:

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Thanks for the interest.