Allnic AudioA6000usedAllnic Audio A6000 60 Watt parallel SET 300b monoblock amplifiersIn terms of sound quality, these Allnic A6000's deliver astonishing low level control of the bass registers due to the paralleled 300B valves, and the exceptional output transformers prevent satura...9214.00

Allnic Audio A6000 60 Watt parallel SET 300b monoblock amplifiers [Expired]

no longer for sale

In terms of sound quality, these Allnic A6000's deliver astonishing low level control of the bass registers due to the paralleled 300B valves, and the exceptional output transformers prevent saturation allowing almost solid state levels of bass control. The midrange and high frequencies have that familiar 300B liquidity, transparency and purity, giving exceptional clarity without grain or forwardness, delivering a compelling sound which you can listen to for hours.

The typical issue with 300B SET's is limited current delivery that require very efficient speakers. These A6000's can handle any speaker. With the provided Emission Labs 300b XLS tube set, the A6000 measure 60 Watts continuous output, single-ended, unbalanced input impedance of 100KΩ with current delivery which can control even the most difficult electrostatic panels.

Allnic A6000 Monoblocks, 50W per channel from parallel 300B SET valves, with Pb core Permalloy output transformers, with both single and balanced inputs. These are still the most powerful 300B SET amplifiers in the world.

These amplifiers display exceptional build quality, weighing 40KG / per channel.

These amplifiers have been used in a dedicated listening room their entire lives, and look as new.

These A6000's sell new for $24,000. These amps come with 4 sets of unused original Electro Harmonix 300b, and 5 sets of Emission Labs 300b (one spare pair remain unused). In addition the ten fuses have been replaced with Audiomagic SHD (Super High Definition) Beeswax fuses. These tweaks demonstrate significant sonic improvements. With the total $5750 in upgrades, at this sale price these amps represent a bargain. These were my 'forever' amps.

The A6000 monoblocks use Allnic Audio’s unique approach to output tube drive, providing more power without over driving tubes or reducing tube life.

Two advantages with this single stage parallel tube design. Each tube is individually biased, so no requirement for match pairs. Furthermore, I biased these to the reduced current limit to extend tube life. These tubes are stable and I expect will be enjoyed for years to come. I have yet to replace a tube. This bias preference never sacrificed any aspects of sonic qualities including the micro-resolution and detail, airy layered soundstage, and overall palpability. The signal remains pure. The parallel no-feedback design circuit gives the enormous driving power and dynamics. Again, every speaker that took these amps to task were driven effectively and without clipping.

Key features of the Allnic A6000 monoblock power amplifier:
• single tube input and first gain stage
• transformer coupled
• optimized for standard 300B (50 watts output) and 300B-XLS tubes (60 watts output)
• sophisticated ratio, mixed nickel permalloy Pb cored output transformers
• low distortion, high output “fixed bias”
• easy bias adjustment
• indvidual power tube fuse protection
• "soft-start" circuitry
• analog power tube current monitor meters
• RCA and XLR inputs
• 4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 ohm by pre-order)
• pure class a operation
• Absorb gel tube dampers
• natural level of negative feedback (-6db) for reduced distortion, improved clarity and class-leading bass (zero negative feedback switch on request)
• standard-setting build quality

I can ship internationally. However these amps have the North American power supply - 120V/60Hz. If I were to ship internationally, the buyer will be responsible for VAT/Import duty and additional fees. These amps will be shipped air express for less handling and insured at full value, paid by the buyer. These amps have the original packaging and will be shipped as such, double boxed and well protected. In the simplest of terms, I am making all effort for the buyer to enjoy what these amps have to offer without any issues. They command my respect and will you as well.

Best Regards. 

What is included:    
Two monoblock amplifiers Original packaging and all materials provided with purchase
Audiomagic Beeswax SHD Fuses (10, plus spares if available)
5 sets Emission Labs 300b XLS tubes (1 set new)
4 sets Electro Harmonix 300b (unused)