COS EngineeringD1 V2 DAC/PRE AmpusedCOS Engineering D1 V2 DAC/PRE AmpVery good condition small scuff on the top barely noticeable (pic 3), Come with factory accessories, remote control and original boxes Prefer local pick-up only. but will ship UPS Please add 3% f...3800.00

COS Engineering D1 V2 DAC/PRE Amp [Expired]

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Very good condition small scuff on the top  barely noticeable (pic 3),  Come with factory accessories, remote control and original boxes 
Prefer local pick-up only. but will ship UPS 
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Introducing COS Engineering D1 V2, a beautiful sounding sculpture, a fusion of 
a High End DAC and an analog preamplifier, that doesn't use off-the-shelf 
chips to achieve its functionality.

Designed to drive your power amplifiers directly, the D1's volume control is totally in the analog domain. Two sets of analog inputs (one XLR, one RCA) completes the preamp function with 5 digital inputs that handles both PCM and DSD.It has one extra input for your tuner or phono stage if you want to eliminate a stand alone preamp altogether.

"D1's clarity is of a different sort. It's richer, wetter and more fluidic but without the harmonic padding and thickening many valve circuits will create" -- Srajan Ebaen, 6

"... and if you're looking for neutral, organic and overall very refined sounding D/A converter, which on top of that has extremely good pre-amplification stage, without a blink of an eye I recommend you COS Engineering D1" -- Dawid Grzyb,

People who adhere to the "vinyl is best" stand point often mention the "fatigue" they get when listening to Digital. With the COS Engineering D1 V2, the innovative approach of removing noise and digital distortion effectively removes that "fatiguing" sound from digital. It must be heard to be believed. You can have the clarity, transparency, dynamics, and excitement of digital without that layer of noise that the vinyl guys were talking about.

" COS D1 is the only DAC that allowed me to relax into long listening sessions without loss of dynamics and excitement"

"the COS D1 is easily my favorite DAC after trying more than 20 DACs $2k~$20K+."


The exterior of D1, composed of aerospace grade aluminum alloy which seals off electric and magnetic interference from outside, is crafted finely to embody a structure of straight lines and a single circle. 

COS's proprietary algorithm with a linear-phase delay FIR filter can up-sample original data to 176.4K or 192K, and this massive computation is handled by a powerful 3648 MMAC/sec DSP. 

D1 stores digital data in a one-second buffer before converting to analog signals, under the coordination of a crystal oscillator with a jitter precision less than 1ps and a dedicated re-clocking circuitry. 

Two torroid transformers power the digital circuit and the analog circuit separately, thereby eliminating possible interferences. 

The analog circuit bifurcates into two boards to eliminate cross-talk, and the high-performance DAC chips, one on each board running as mono, are manually tuned and matched to attain a lower distortion. 

D1’s balanced design ensures that even harmonics match and are gracefully cancelled out. Distortions are low to the extent possible. 

D1’s volume control is composed of a ladder of high precision resistors and an array of analog switches which are low in resistance, noise, and distortion.

Awards & Reviews's Blue Moon Award.

Audio Art's Best Value Award 2016. (in Chinese) "An advanced, very stylish DAC/Preamp."

Audio Art: "...lively sound, scintilating and sweet...." (content in Chinese)

HiFi Knight: "This device offers fluency and coherence on a level very rarely heard. Extremely black background and instruments separation are both cherries on top...."

Inearspace Good Buy Award, “Beauty In and Out.”

HiFi+: "...full of expression and nuance...."

HiFi Pig: "It is rare for a first product to be so good. For £8000 (€9000) it might not be cheap, but it is that good."

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