ANTICABLESLevel 2 "Performance Series"usedANTICABLES Level 2 "Performance Series"These cables are a doubled up (by myself) build of 2x12 gauge Level 2 Performance cables to effectively give a pair of Heavy 9 gauge Level 3 Reference cables. The cables are manually twisted by mys...2.00

ANTICABLES Level 2 "Performance Series" [Expired]

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Reviewer Matej Isak of Mono & Stereo said of the Level 3 Speaker Wires:

"...I can't imagine finding a better solution for any system, be it entry level or a even a truly exceptional one. They can be easily paired with top quality electronics and speakers and might give its owner just enough satisfaction to provide years of musical enjoyment and let him forget the cabling madness."

"...these cables sound phenomenal. Yes, they can compete with expensive “heavy wires...”

"...excellent insight into more complex music material..."

"The separation of the individual instruments is very good and the virtual soundstage width, height and depth are likewise on the same level."

"The front to back layering is above average and instruments and voices are sharply defined in their size and location."

"The resolution across the whole spectrum is excellent and there are no discontinuities or noticeable peaks in any frequency region."

"The music reproduction on the whole seems coherent and involving."

"...served the music content very well, proving to be adept at transferring the emotional content with no problem."

"The percussion sounded very direct and immediate... giving an impression of being in the same room with the performers."

"...did a commendable job with this very difficult music material. The busy mixes were handled exceedingly well and the characteristic tonal color of the brass instruments was preserved..."

"...provided a very intimate sonic picture that was a joy to listen to. It gave a smooth, open and inviting sound that ensured lengthy, stress-less listening sessions."

In Conclusion:

"They surpass many speaker cables costing much more and in my view will hardly disappoint anyone seeking great performing speaker cables which don`t cost an arm and a leg. For the price they are truly EXCEPTIONAL performers worthy of the Mono & Stereo Best Buy award."
The Absolute Sound have given SEVEN awards for AntiCable products over several years.

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These are in perfect working condition and how! The cable wire can easily be formed to any shape you need with no risk of damage to the wire. So if you might prefer them straight instead of twisted as I have made them they can be reset. The price/performance ratio of these wires is unbeatable especially at a used price. I’ve had and loved them for a few years now but have upgraded at some considerable expense to the NVA LS6 from the UK. Even then the difference wasn’t that great..go figure. Well worth a try as they are not really system dependent.

These cables are a doubled up (by myself) build of 2x12 gauge Level 2 Performance cables to effectively give a pair of Heavy 9 gauge Level 3 Reference cables. The cables are manually twisted by myself and although all cables are originally 3Metre pairs are now 2m 60cm  and 2m 30cm due to unprecise twisting. There are 2 sets of 4 banana Z plugs gold plated for the amp end and 2 sets of 4 copper spades at the speaker end. For biwiring also included are a set of L3 reference AntiCables jumpers 6" length with Banana Z plugs gold plated. There are loads of accolades for these cables on line so won't even bother posting links here; Suffice to say they put many high end cables costing several times more to shame. Transparent, detailed, neutral with wide soundstage and full controlled bass extension. A real bargain introduction into the AC philosophy of less is more.
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