LFDLE VI "U"usedDemo LFD LE VI "U" Integrated AmplifierFull Warranty LFD LE VI "U"I highly recommend the use of LFD AC cord and speaker wires with this amp.This is an upgraded version of the successful LFD LE V.Some of the mods already existed in...4395.00

Demo LFD LE VI "U" Integrated Amplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

Full Warranty


I highly recommend the use of LFD AC cord and speaker wires with this amp.

This is an upgraded version of the successful LFD LE V.

Some of the mods already existed in my custom LE V+ that many of you already have. I suggest if you want to make an upgrade from your LE IV or LE V+, the NCSE MkIII would be the right move for you.

I asked Richard Bews if there is any improvements he would suggest if I was to pay a bit extra. He made the recommendation of an exclusive Gene Rubin Audio version of the LE VI ,  called the "U" version.  The "U" version  has  more labor intensive but altered pot wiring and higher level speaker wiring compared to the standard LE VI.

Remember, only Gene Rubin Audio has the exclusive "U" version of the LE VI

From Richard Bews: "20 years of evolution of the LE range of integrated amplifiers has resulted in the new LE(VI) which takes over from the LE(V). 

A complete revamp of the input stage in the power section where  the following: carbon composite, carbon film resistors and polystyrene  capacitors are employed .

Also changes to the PSU where higher capacitance Nichicon low  impedance capacitors and larger Toshiba MOSFET output transistors are  now used to increase the power output to 65W per channel (into 8 ohms).

Both modifications have been designed to give a fuller sound and better mid-band transparency."--Designer Richard Bews

Sales tax is 7.75% in California

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