High Fidelity CablesProfessional SeriesusedHigh Fidelity Cables Professional Series Power, 2m, 70% offUsed, very good condition demo unit Professional Series power cable from High Fidelity Cables. 2 meters in length. Minor cosmetic wear, but perfectly functioning. Have one already? Purchase anot...6915.00

High Fidelity Cables Professional Series Power, 2m, 70% off [Expired]

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Used, very good condition demo unit Professional Series power cable from High Fidelity Cables. 2 meters in length. Minor cosmetic wear, but perfectly functioning. 
Have one already? Purchase another and see your system transform again! 
If you have never heard one? Well here is your chance to hear the absolute finest cable in the market and see why so many people use the Pro series on all types of systems from absolute reference systems to headphone setups. This cable brings life to a system.   

The Professional Series power cable is designed for professional audiophile use.  
These cables make a tremendous difference to the sound of any system, bringing the utmost in clarity, dynamics, and musicality. The Professional power cable is transformational, bringing a 3D landscape to your listening system. This cable is one of the most powerful magnetic conduction products made. These are serious power cables made for serious audiophiles.

The 14 inch long waveguides utilize Helix technology and offer the most advanced dampening system available. Through patented methods, the magnetic waveguides float in a viscous silicone gel to remove unwanted vibrations that cause distortion. Helix Technology brings you state-of-the-art speed, refinement, and musicality. 
These powerful waveguides force electrons to the core of the conductor with a specialized magnetic field called Helix technology. In doing so, they greatly reduce noise, harshness, and grain caused by skin effect and electron scattering - problems that are predominant in all wire-based cables. A sequence of powerful magnets is used inside the waveguide that is magnetically connected to highly magnetically-permeable wires within the cable. This magnetic system runs parallel with the music signal itself. Typically the electromagnetic field of electricity through a cable runs perpendicular to the wire. This magnetic field called the B-field is forced into the opposite direction with the powerful waveguide. This magnetic field then guides electrons to the core of the wire and magnetic system. The Helix configuration ensures that the lines of flux within the cable are as focused as possible so that the electrons are driven even further to the core. This new patented system totally transforms the way electricity is delivered. The results are astounding.

Professional Series power cables offer an ultra black background and at the same time reveal even the most subtle portions of your audio signal. They're simply unparalleled in sonic achievement. Magnetic Conduction technology has the power to actually control electrons in efforts to lower noise.

All filtering is done by passive components so the power that you put in is made distortion-free without inhibiting the incoming current. There is no other technology that utilizes the control of electrons as a means to control and eliminate noise.  

The Pro Series power offers speed, dynamics, clarity, and sheer musicality. There is no other power cord in the industry today that can deliver so much to your music.  

Recommended for professional use where systems depend upon the absolute lowest noise and ultra clear delivery of AC signal so those that depend upon the absolute reference playback system can achieve a sound that will mesmerize their customers and peers. 

The Pro power can be used with traditional power conditioning systems to deliver the cleanest input power possible on the primary of the power conditioner. The cables can be used as a power conditioner themselves by simply plugging into a strip to provide total system power conditioning. They can also be used on secondary of a power conditioner. In this case we recommend the cable be used to the source to clean unwanted noise from the source that generates your music signal.

No matter where you choose to use your Pro Series power cord the results will be tremendous, offering one of the biggest upgrades available to audio reproduction. 

With the Pro Series power cord, although an additional power conditioner can be used it is usually not necessary. Traditional power conditioners can inhibit the flow of current and steal the dynamics out of the system. Pro Series maintains the dynamics and clarity to give you the fastest leading edge and the wonderfully open, lifelike performance in the trailing edge. 

Although the power cord will sound great out-of-the-box it requires break-in time to do the real work it delivers. No other cable or conditioner technology can bring you so close to the original performance.

High Fidelity Cables is a revolution in technology and sound. 
The Pro Series has replaced the most expensive and best cables on the market. 
- Rick Schultz