Akiko Audio Corelli | Compare to Shunyata Typhon |Amazing Reviews from 6Moons and Tone Audio!newAkiko Audio Corelli | Amazing Reviews from 6Moons and Tone Audio! -- (Save $250 on this Unit)JaguarAudioDesign.com is an authorized retailer for all Akiko Audio products. The new Akiko Audio Corelli Power Conditioner is the first major high-end product from Akiko and it's a winner! As wi...1945.00

Akiko Audio Corelli | Amazing Reviews from 6Moons and Tone Audio! -- (Save $250 on this Unit) [Expired]

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JaguarAudioDesign.com is an authorized retailer for all Akiko Audio products. The new Akiko Audio Corelli Power Conditioner is the first major high-end product from Akiko and it's a winner!  As with all Akiko products this unit will eliminate distortion and noise, without dragging down the dynamics and treble extension...however, this product is substantially more powerful than anything we've offered from Akiko thus far. 

Jaguar is moving out a lot of high-end demo gear from our listening space to make room for new items. This is some really good stuff and almost all of it saw relatively little use, as our room was closed frequently during the past few years for upgrade projects. Keep an eye on our Demo Deals page, as we add products during the next few weeks and please give us a call if you have any questions. 


Note: The $250 discount only applies to this one silver unit. It was produced just before new units having a connection jack for the Castello. If you never buy the Akiko Castello it won't make any difference and if you did have the Castello there will still be the question whether the greatest benefit would come from connecting the Castello to the Corelli or just to an additional component (often the answer is to connect to the other component).

Note: This unit is not a power distributor (it does not have outlets).  It simply plugs into one receptacle of your mains outlet or power distributor and impacts the rest of the system.  It will affect all circuits on the electrical panel, especially the mains circuit.

From the 6Moons review:


“Contrary to previous Akiko products, the Corelli is first to address the positive, return and ground legs of the AC. Its fourth filter then absorbs all the high-frequency radiation inside the Corelli. To control resonances, some parts of it are cast in black resin. It took Akiko over two years to develop this product. A lot of time was spent researching and identifying new more effective piezoelectic materials.”

“Mind you, noise is not always volume dependent. If the noise is in the signal, it's become an environmental constant. It may not be audible as noise but it still affects what we hear (and even how we feel). As we've laid out earlier, ultrasonic pollution reaches us through many channels.”

“The difference was immediate, irrefutable and merciless. Before the introduction of the Dutch black box, the sound already had been open, dynamic and detailed with a very nice soundstage illusion that was deep and wide. The Akiko Corelli maintained this notion but now with a vengeance.”

“What happened to the sound even at very low volume was that we felt inducted into a previously shrouded secret musical dimension. You may think this over the top since a few handfuls of crystals jammed into three carbon-fiber tubes couldn't possibly do this. Right? We thought so too; until we unplugged the Corelli again. Instantly the sound lost its extra-dimensional communion and returned to being just very good. We could live with this sound for years and be very content and proud of it. However, we now had experienced the substance, the instantly addictive potion that not only worked on our ears but also on our full-body perception. Once the Corelli was plugged back in, there was no short temporary rush but the sustained bliss which only untainted music can bring.”


From the Tone Audio review: 


"I did NOT want to like the Corelli. I didn’t even want to listen to the damn thing. ...my brain was screaming 'snake oil..."

"where the doors of perception are more than subtly altered. This is the effect of the Corelli, you don’t need to ingest anything to get this effect"

"At the end of the test session, I’m definitely keeping the Corelli around. I still can’t really explain why or how it works, but it does."

"Going back to the LP’s I had listened to earlier, it was a night and day difference. Three areas made a major improvement; pace/timing, upper frequency smoothness and the size of the three dimensional sound field painted by the Virtuosos."

Feedback from our client, David:

"I already have interesting tweaks from notable audio specialists (including Akiko) in my system, and all of them have absolutely elevated the musicality and my enjoyment of the original recording in different ways. Then came along the freshly released Akiko Corelli…

The Corelli that is barely a week old now sits elegantly on 3 Nordost BC Sort Kones, and is connected to a QB8 power strip that powers my Arcam audio system, comprising a SACD Player, Pre-Amp and dual Mono Amps.

The only expression that accurately describes what the Corelli did to my listening experience is... ”Wow!!”

The music now propels into an abyss of blackness, where even the most intricate details of the recorded work is revealed with a strong sense of authority. The musical stage has expanded in all directions, and draws you in with an almost uncanny intimacy with the performance. Listening to Anita Baker’s soulful sultry rendition in “You’re My Thrill” (Fourplay: ‘Let’s Touch The Sky’) was simply astounding!"

Note:Jaguar accepts payment with Paypal and Debit or Credit Card in the Jaguar Online Store.  The trial period is free, except for any costs associated with shipping and insurance.  Trial period only applies to orders shipped in the US.


Akiko Audio Power Conditioner Corelli

In the past few years Akiko has gained a lot of experience in power tuning and lowering the noise floor in the rendering chain. This experience has now led to the development of a unique power conditioner: the Akiko Audio Corelli.

A pioneering reference power conditioner which provides your set with power in a unique way, without the use of electrical components and active power filtering. It reduces noise without negative side effects such as reduced dynamics or natural quality.

Internally the Corelli is set up with units made of woven carbon, specifically geared to their task. The neutral, phase and grounding are separately treated. An extra fourth unit is responsible for the harmonization of the internal high frequency radiation field. Moreover, the device is stabilized with black resin to repress unwanted microphonic effects adequately.

That our products work has been shown by measurements. Reducing high frequency noise leads to a music rendering in the audio spectrum that is perceived as a more enjoyable experience.

Which improvements can you expect:

  • A very honest and neutral rendering.
  • Improved timing. 
  • Music is experienced as more natural and cleaner.
  • Remarkable improvement of voice rendering and the rendering of acoustic instruments. 
  • By lowering the high frequency noise, listening to music becomes more enjoyable; listening fatigue doesn’t get a chance.
  • You will submerge deeper into the recording; because of the low noise floor small details become audible, leading to more emotion whilst enjoying your music. 


Attach to the power strip or socket, whichever your equipment is connected to.


  • Width: 215mm (8in)
  • Length: 311mm (12in)
  • Height: 112mm (5in)
  • Weight: 6.3 kg (14lbs)
  • The Corelli doesn’t contain any electrical components or active power filtering and doesn’t come with an on-off switch, display or led lighting, to prevent extra contact resistance and unnecessary power pollution.
  • The 8mm thick aluminum front panel is energetically treated.
  • The Akiko Audio Power conditioner Corelli is Hand Made.  All soldering is done with a WBT-0800 Silver Solder.
    • Suitable for 90 to 250 Volt, 50-60 Hz. 
    • Furutech IEC inlet with fuse holder.
  • Comes with an Audio Grade HiFi-Tuning fuse, with silver melting wire.

Note: Worldwide Shipping is Free. Jaguar accepts Paypal and credit/debit card payment through the Jaguar Online Store.  Trial only applies to units shipped inside the US, does not include shipping or insurance costs.

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