ZOD AUDIO SKHORN usedSold!So I have been in this hobby for 20+ years. I have had some very capable home theater systems with awesome subwoofer systems. Started back in the day with Epik Empires, moved to (4) MFW15s, then to...2000.00

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So I have been in this hobby for 20+ years. I have had some very capable home theater systems with awesome subwoofer systems. Started back in the day with Epik Empires, moved to (4) MFW15s, then to dual JTR caps, then DIY bug hit. Went with Dual Marty’s with HST-18s, then had eight marty’s with HT-18s. I like a lot of bass and so far my wife/neighbours have been cool with it. Fast forward to current day. I wanted the most powerful subwoofer setup I could fit behind my screen....and bam...saw the SKHORNS review and data on data-bass (designed by Josh Ricci). I had to have one....er...eventually two and bought a QSC PL380 to power them.

This set-up is a different animal..completely. Dual 21” B&C NEO drivers per enclosure. Tunable port configuration. MASSIVE CLEAN OUTPUT. If you are unfamiliar, please follow the link to this beast on https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=140 to see what all the fuss is about.

These are the first subwoofers I have owned that can play at ANY level I can tolerate and sound soooooo clean doing so. Midbass slam…..OMG. John Wick will actually be shooting YOU in the chest. Low frequency pressure waves in Interstellar…..your couch will feel like it is made of jello (not to mention your bowels). But the crazy part is how music is so pleasant on these as well. Normal levels sound excellent and if you want….you can rearrange your fillings and make your vision blurry. These are full on insane and addicting at the same time. I find myself playing movies and music at levels I shouldn't, because it sounds soooo clean while liquefying my innards. :D

This kind of fire power doesn't come without issues. I have caused some damage to items on my main floor (theater in basement) and beyond. Mostly broken items that are my wife’s. This is the first set-up in which she constantly asked me to turn it down (even when she is outside in the good weather). This should have alerted me to not playing it so loud, but I simply could not restrain. As soon as she would leave for a grocery run or the like, I would run downstairs and have a jam session and typically something new was damaged or “adjusted” upstairs. So, this week was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Two wall hung pictures met their demise much to my wife’s chagrin as well as a few new drywall cracks. So, I have been given an ultimatum from my wife. Not play the SKHORNS loud (whats the point) or sell them and just use the quad 12" riser sub. In order to maintain civility in my home and also avoid having several thousands invested in SKHORNS, drivers, and amps that I cant use to fun levels, I am selling both of my SKHORNS……and my QSC PL380 (8000 watts RMS). Wife has been cool with loud for years. She has reached her limit for tolerance.

These were precisely built for me by forum member DSL1 (Who built Ricci's SKHORNS tested on databass). He did an amazing job. He CNC machined all parts out of plywood and precisely assembled them (PL adhesive and tons of screws- it weighs a ton). Impeccable build quality. He also outfitted all hatches with predrilled and threaded inserts with machine screws as well as driver mounting. These enclosures are the most amazing I have ever seen in terms of design and build quality. Truly a work of art. These are finished in duratex and I currently have them with one port blocker per side in them (25Hz tune). Block two more ports, get 18Hz tune. Remove port blockers and get 29Hz tune. They have handles ALL OVER THEM for easier transport (they still weight a TON and I will remove the drivers for easier transport for buyer(s) as I have original boxes for drivers).

So two total SKHORNS available. One is outfitted with a pair of B&C 21SW152-4 for a 2 ohm load. The other is loaded with a pair B&C 21DS115-8 for a 4 ohm total load. With the 3db difference in efficiency (DS115 are 3db more efficient than the SW152), they had the same output playing on the PL380 (even with 4 ohm on one channel and 2 ohm on the other). They also sound and perform identically in my room.

I have quite a bit into this set-up but am offering them for what I feel is a fair price. It would take a whole lot of subwoofers/floor space and amplifiers to equal the output capabilities of this set-up. In an enthusiastic listening session (never clipped the PL380) I have seen levels approaching 140db! Yep…they are capable of being that loud AND clean. :cool:


I am asking:

$2000 for the SKHORN loaded with the 21DS115 drivers - picked up ($1000 just for drivers)

$2400 for the SKHORN loaded with the 21SW152 drivers - picked up ($1400 just for drivers)

$1500 for the QSC PL380 with shipping to the CONUS ($2400 online)

$4100 for both SKHORNS picked up

$5400 for both SKHORNS and QSC PL380 picked up

I may entertain the sale of just the SKHORN enclosures (no drivers) if the right offer is made. Just PM me if interested.

I am located near Peoria, IL. Feel free to PM with any questions or if you need more pictures.
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