High Fidelity CablesMC-0.5newHigh Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner, set of 4M C - 0 . 5 Magnetic Power Conditioner 1 unit: $299 / 2 units: $549 / 4 units: $999...999.00

High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner, set of 4 [Expired]

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                              M C - 0 . 5

                                              Magnetic Power Conditioner

                                  1 unit: $299  /  2 units: $549  /  4 units: $999 

              Set of four brand new MC-0.5 magnetic conduction power conditioners

                                                 other quantities available

                                                 Hand crafted in the USA

The MC-0.5 recently received an award for power supply accessories by Japan's Audio Accessories Magazine:

One of Stereotimes' most wanted components of 2015, the MC-0.5 is a unique magnetic conduction device. Covered under the connecter is a series of patented products. This unique device simply plugs into the wall to apply magnetic conduction to incoming electricity. The MC-0.5, once plugged into an extra outlet, delivers a dramatically cleaner, clearer music signal with better dynamics, realism and musicality. It is both more detailed as well as more relaxed-sounding at the same time. 

Although moderately priced in comparison to some power conditioning products, the MC-0.5 will offer an improvement to all audio systems. It also works with conventional power conditioners to restore extra realism, speed and clarity. Although meant for reference audio systems this device can be used on literally anything including televisions and home theater systems. Just find an extra outlet to plug the MC-0.5 in and enjoy improved picture clarity and music resolution. 

Reviewed by Norm Luttbeg for Stereotimes: "Once again HFC has another quite worthy product. Again the gain is more open, cleaner, more dynamic, and real sounding music. The sound stage just becomes quite well defined. And the bass has great definition." - Norm Luttbeg 

Listeners report night time sonics in the middle of the day, earning the MC-0.5 the nick name "Black Night". 

                          What is magnetic conduction?

Magnetic conduction is a new alternative to electrical conduction, the standard technology by which all other wires and cables function. Unlike electrical conduction which simply uses a metal conductor to transfer an electrical signal, magnetic conduction incorporates the use of magnetic fields to optimize the quality of signal transfer. All electrical signals, including your audio/power signals, are made of electrons. These electrons have their own magnetic fields, given by their "spin". So, by using a specially engineered array of magnets, we can align or guide these electrons - your audio signal - to a more efficient pathway. This means less distortion, preserved details, and everything else that comes with simply a more accurate reproduction of the original sound.   

                    electrical conduction                                    magnetic conduction

*electrons are aligned to the center of the conductor with magnetic conduction

Shipping outside the US may cost extra.

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