Caprice AudioMosaic ReferenceusedCaprice Audio Mosaic EliteWhat is Mosaic? - Proprietary digital filtering technology. - Future-proof RF chassis design. - Impedance matching topology using a new Slipstream method. - Low noise platform for high-qual...1500.00

Caprice Audio Mosaic Elite [Expired]

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What is Mosaic? 

- Proprietary digital filtering technology.

- Future-proof RF chassis design.
- Impedance matching topology using a new Slipstream method.
- Low noise platform for high-quality playback on all resolution levels.
- Digital files have analog warmth and transparency.
- Engages with the past. Clearer Vinyl playback.

More grunt, tone, sizzle, pace, emotion, are a few simple words. But what its really about is Music. 

More synergy, less noise, longer listening sessions less fatigue is descriptive observation.

More science, demand more measurement or can we listen more intently with more emotion than before. 

Ready to ship from
The Mosaic Reference $3500 
Mosaic Elite $1500 

New update!    

A new immersive experience awaits you.   
The Double Stack Mosaic Reference and Double Stack Mosaic Elite 

We have recently developed a new method that employs a combination of material technology that clearly has a very positive effect on the performance of a component.  Detail increases significantly and there is a much more 3D effect. 
When connected to your source, you will experience a wide footprint that extends well beyond your speakers.  Live recordings are "atmospheric" events at home. Studio recordings become more intimate, background details are all enhanced significantly.  All materials including our silver-gold conductors and high-speed low impedance filters are custom designed in-house. 

Caprice Audio custom builds:  

Double Stack Mosaic Reference $6500 Double Stack Mosaic Elite $3500    
Customer review below

Please allow time to create, fine-tune and deliver the best in performance when ordering. Special set up instructions required and supplied. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Dagago Review on the entry level Mosaic:  

"After about half an hour of listening to digital files, Flac and DSD, I absentmindedly started listening to one of my favorite radio streams: KCRW's Eclectic 24, and was blown away. All of a sudden, I'm hearing the stream in a whole new light, the sound is 3-dimensional, the soundstage totally opens up and I can't help but gush. Soon, I'm forgetting it's a radio stream and getting wrapped up in the playlist. This couldn't be, so I disconnected the Mosaic and spent the next 30 minutes listening to the stream and it just wasn't the same- it was fatiguing and appeared shrouded".   

"Connecting the Mosaic direct to my DAC and amplifier was/ is a game changer". Listening to lossless files from my massive library, 16-bit 44.1khz (Redbook) to DSD256 and everything PCM in between, the music again took on new engaging properties. And having switched out 3 different DACs (exaSound e22, Exogal Comet, and Mytek Brooklyn/Brooklyn+) along with connecting and disconnecting the Mosaic, my conclusions remain the same. Caprice Audio's low noise filter brought something to the party."    

" ....shocking improvement after connecting your Mosaic to my amplifier. I am using a solid state Class A amp to drive a very efficient speaker system and had no expectations that it would make a difference. I am in disbelief" -CJ

Double Stack Mosaic customer review. 
Call me a believer. For once a product that does as advertised and more.  Luis recommends a double stack Mosaic configuration for me to try two weeks ago, and my skeptic mind said no.  Well, a few days later my system developed a noise issue that I had difficulty isolating.  Was it my Server, or preamp? My system is driven with PS Audio Power plant and electronics are all painstakingly put together over the last few years. Most components are Class A recommended.

The interesting part is Luis recommended that I try the Mosaic on each component to identify the source of the noise. I am not one to turn down an offer that can get rid of a headache, so I was cautious in trying to understand how this Mosaic can help. He says it can be done since the Mosaic removes noise or distortion at micro-levels. 

After 24 hours, I found that my preamp had the noise. It was immediate once I connected the Mosaic and it disappeared. My curiosity hair was now in full gear. I took the double stack offer and have been using it in my system for 3 days. Call me super impressed!

The background wall melted away and the width of the soundstage was nothing I had ever experienced.  I never knew what "layering" meant but I know it now. This is a wonderful discovery from a small company that I had to write about.  
-Mark Ryde


The Mosaic Effect.

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