Allnic ZL TechnologyZL5000 Power CordnewAllnic ZL Technology ZL5000 15A Power CordIntroducing a cable completely different than anything I have come across previous--Welded terminations providing reduced signal resistance and improved durability. Heavy gauge nickel-plated OFC f...2000.00

Allnic ZL Technology ZL5000 15A Power Cord

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Introducing a cable completely different than anything I have come across previous--Welded terminations providing reduced signal resistance and improved durability.  Heavy gauge nickel-plated OFC for superior high current conductivity and Mu Metal, aluminum and nickel-copper mesh, double shielding to block all RF noise.  When I purchased one of these cables eight months ago the fundamental benefit was so profound I immediately purchased six more.  These cables in culmination were more effective than my Torus wall mount 75A isolation transformer and Audience Adept Response TSSD.  My system achieved a level of clarity and cohesiveness unveiling nuances of familiar recordings never heard before.
I have auditioned and owned some of the more reputable brands out there and these power cables command my respect.  
See Marc Mickelson's comments at the bottom of the ad....  
Unlike many brands, custom lengths are offered at a nominal upcharge.   Standard Length is 1.8 meters which is sufficient for most applications. 
They are being offered with free shipping and 28 days no-hassle return policy, meaning on delivery you have 4 weeks to burn in and enjoy the cable.  I only ask to return them in a like-new condition so they can be re-sold.      
NOTE:  New 20 Amp C19 terminated version now available.  
Also 15A 90-degree female termination for side chassis mounted power supply - by special order.  Allow a few weeks to complete the order.

Trade-in considered.  Bulk discount offered.  Please contact me directly. Buy 2020 stock, demos and trade for significant savings.  Price increase in 2021.
Feel free to call or email me with questions.    We ship worldwide. [email protected]  503 292 5592
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Standard length: 1.8m, contact for custom length pricing ($300/1.0m)

Barrier-free conductors

Traditional soldered or clamped connections between terminations and conductor create two resistant barriers (solder has much greater resistance than copper or silver). Our direct, high-temperature melt welding (1000 Degrees Centigrade), without solder, removes two obstacles in the signal path by melting terminations and wire conductors into a single, seamless material.

Mu-metal shielding for true protection from EMI

While all other audio cable manufacturers use copper and/or silver shields for signal cables, Allnic uses ‘Mu-metal’ as a braided shield for its interconnect and digital cables (RCA & XLR) – a world-premiere in the audio industry.

Traditional copper and/or silver mesh shields provide effective protection against electrically generated noise, but they are ineffective against magnetically induced noise. This is because magnetically generated interference freely penetrates both copper and silver. Only Mu-metal (a nickel alloy material) can protect the audio signal from both electronically and magnetically induced noise. Test data show that Mu-metal shielding reduces electromagnetic noise to less than 1/30th of what braided copper shield allows, down -30dB in comparison.

Permanent contact pressure via heat-treated beryllium-copper terminations

Contact resistance is a critical factor for signal transmission. Higher contact pressure and a larger contact surface mean less contact resistance and better signal transfer. Traditional bronze, pure copper and phosphorous-copper terminations cannot provide sufficiently secure and long-lasting contact pressure. Our precision-milled, slit, heat-treated beryllium-copper terminations provide maximum contact surface and powerful contact pressure for minimal signal loss – for life.

Mid-Range Control Technology – MRCT®

Allnic considers an exaggerated midrange to be a clear indicator of inaccurate signal transfer through a cable, and the most formidable distortion to overcome in cable design. Allnic’s MRCT is the result of meticulous listening and measurements to select carefully formulated metal plating for slight midrange “braking” and heavier wire gauges for accurate low frequencies, as well as to ensure control of capacitance for provision of stunningly realistic high frequencies.

Key features of ZL-5000 Power cable:

  1. Four surface contacts for IEC receptacles, instead of weak line contact.

    • Conventional IEC receptacles use simple line contact clips, which are not suitable for high current conduction.

    • Allnic’s four surface contacts of beryllium copper, reinforced by two steel-plate springs, keep life-long high contact pressure.

  1. Heavy gauge nickel-plated OFC provides superior high current conductivity.

  2. Double shielding ensures quieter operation.
    • Aluminum and nickel-copper mesh double shielding blocks all noise.

  1. 1000 °C hot welding between wire and terminal instead of soldering or clamping guarantees life-long safety and less wire resistance.

  • Beryllium copper, 4-surface, plate-spring loaded, box-like clips in IEC sockets and for North American style plug blades. Schuko style male plug pins made of beryllium copper split into 6 sections with inner high elastic rubber.

  • Silicon rubber insulation between wires ensures safe high-temperature operation, reduces vibration and prevents wear.

"As mentioned above, the first Allnic cables David Beetles sent to me were two power cords. Allnic actually has two different models: the ZL-3000 ($1400 per 1.8-meter  length) and ZL-5000 ($2000 for 1.8-meter length). Beetles sent a pair of the ZL-3000s, thinking perhaps that keeping expectations on a realistic plane was more prudent than sending the top cord and attempting to begin with a bang. Little did he know that as far as I knew at the time, the ZL-3000 was Allnic's top of the line.

Why power cords have an effect on musical reproduction is still a controversial subject, though the controversy comes mostly from people who don't believe that six feet of cable at the end of a long power-delivery system not designed specifically for the reproduction of music can amount to a hill of beans, sonically speaking. However, from the component's perspective, the power cord is actually the first six feet, not the last. Good power cords do their thing right before the AC enters the component, proximity making for the maximum sonic effect.

Like Allnic's interconnects and speaker cables, the company's power cords address every aspect of design in order to minimize loss, with nothing left to chance. Each of the two power cords has a custom plug with split tines and an IEC with "box-like clips" for a firm connection. Connections are hot-melt welded at 1000 degrees Celsius, not crimped or soldered. The wire is different for the ZL-3000 and ZL-5000, with the latter being of a heavier gauge but still optimized in terms of its thickness. Mu-metal shielding is also used.

With this entire review hinging on a pair of the ZL-3000 cords, I used them first with my Lamm M1.2 mono amps and moved them around the system once other Allnic cables arrived. Break-in was crucial, with the power cords sounding liquid but dull right out of the box but gaining top-end sparkle -- and then some -- after a week of burn-in. I was impressed with not only the quiet the ZL-3000s brought to the amps, but also the sense of poised energy, transients displaying more snap and drum strikes greater leading-edge pop. Before the ZL-5000 cords arrived, I thought I had a full understanding of the sound of the Allnic AC approach, but I was only at the beginning. The ZL-5000s are easily among the best-sounding power cords I've ever heard, adding enhanced midrange immediacy and expression, a certain single-ended-like directness, to the sound, while never sounding dark or cloying.

It initially occurred to me that a prudent audiophile could assemble an all-Allnic cable loom by mixing and matching power cords, instead of relying on just the ZL-5000. After experience with both, I found that this was true up to a point, with the ZL-5000 proving itself to always be the choice if cost is no consideration. I could hear its contributions, and the extra $600 always seemed well spent. However, for lower-power components like phono stages or DACs (not counting Allnic's own top-of-the-line models, which use some serious tubes), the ZL-3000 would not be so much a compromise as a shrewd choice. This goes for the turntable too (if you've not tried a really good power cord on your turntable, you don't know what you're missing).

-Marc Mickelson"

Please note:  We do have demo cable to audition and demo cable to sell which will be current design unless otherwise noted. 

We carry the entire Allnic Electronics and ZL cable product lines.  Check out for further information.  

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