TandbergTD-20AusedTandberg TD-20AThis Tandberg TD-20A is a 10.5" - quarter track - 7 1/2 and 15 ips - version of this classic recorder. I went through a reel to real phase in the mid 80s . But even then didn't use it very mu...750.00

Tandberg TD-20A [Expired]

no longer for sale

This Tandberg TD-20A is a 10.5"  - quarter track  -  7 1/2  and 15 ips  - version of this classic recorder.  I went through a reel to real phase in the mid 80s . But even then didn't use it very much. I has received virtually no use since 1988.  If you purchase it, I will include 38  10.5 inch reels of Maxell tape.  33 of the reels were used once and can be erased.  5 of them were never used.  

I have a substantial collection of classic pieces of top quality audio gear that have not been part of my main listening system.  They have been sitting in my listening room, with virtually no use, since 1991, when I moved into my current house.   It is time for me to clean house.  All the pieces are in good working condition.   I have taken photos them as they are currently situated are on their racks.  You may assume that they there are no hidden issues with any of the pieces.    If you are seriously interested in a piece, I can send more pictures of it.   I am listing them separately, so please check my other listings if you are interested in top quality classic audio gear.  My asking prices are based on a quick search of the web, and they seem to me to be fair and reasonable prices.  If the price for a particular piece is too high, feel free to counter at what you think is more reasonable.  (If the price is too low, feel free to take advantage of me!)   I have no boxes for these, but do have manuals for most of them, though these pieces are all pretty well known.  


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