Pure FidelityEclipse or EncorenewPure Fidelity  Eclipse or Encore LP TurntableQuality Crafted in Canada Pure Fidelity LP Turntables You choose your favored wood base style between the Encore and the Eclipse. Both Styles Perform Exactly the Same. There are several w...3895.00

Pure Fidelity Eclipse or Encore LP Turntable [Expired]

no longer for sale

Quality Crafted in Canada
Pure Fidelity LP Turntables
You choose your favored wood base style between the Encore and the Eclipse. Both Styles Perform Exactly the Same.
There are several wood finish choices of walnut, cherry or rosewood as well as gloss colors in white, black, or silver.

Price is without arm. Comes with Maestro Speed Controller.

I recommend  for this turntable any of the Acoustic Signature arms that you can learn about on my website.

 Made in Canada but imported to the USA, in fact I am the first USA dealer for Pure Fidelity.
I am so very excited about Pure Fidelity turntables. The designer John Stratton has clearly done his design homework and spent hundreds of hours perfecting his turntables. Upon receiving samples I spent hours comparing these fine tables to the other legacy brands that I carry. I have always been a fan of the natural sound that wood based turntables bring to the music. The Pure Fidelity tables follow much of the same design theory as my much more expensive Palmer turntable. While the Palmer still outperforms the Pure Fidelity, there is such a resemblance to the realistic qualities of the music that I could easily live the rest of my life with one of these Pure Fidelity tables.
The German made Acoustic Signature TA500, TA1000 or TA2000 make for a very good choice for compatible arms.

  • 50 mm thick Ultra MDF core provides a resonance free base (plinth) for all the other supporting components
  • Ultra precise CNC machining and superior material choices enables us to achieve the tight tolerances needed for a quiet and musical presentation
  • High precision Bronze bearing for ultra smooth rotation and significantly less friction than the industry standard brass bearings
  • Our Sub platters are individually turned on a CNC lathe from a solid aluminum billet
  • Two Silicone O-rings are inserted into the sub platter to grip the Delrin Platter and to isolate it from vibration
  • Our 36 mm Delrin Platter produces a very organic sound with a highly detailed yet well balanced frequency response. This extra thickness provides improved speed stability and an even quieter background from which the music springs to life.
  • Custom designed 12 Volt AC Synchronous Motor provides quiet, stable and vibration free power to the sub platter. Our custom modifications completely eliminates any clogging in the motor.
  • The superb MAESTRO speed controller is standard. It comes with a separate Linear power supply

Sales tax is 7.75% in California

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