Veloce AudioLS-1usedWorld Class line stage at 62%% off original retail cost!!!!This ad is for 1 x Veloce LS-1 preamp. Tube driven by the 6h30R tubes. Considered one of the very best preamplifiers in the world. This line stage has $1200 worth of upgraded tubes with approximate...6800.00

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World Class line stage at 62%% off original retail cost!!!! [Expired]

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This ad is for 1 x Veloce LS-1 preamp. Tube driven by the 6h30R tubes. Considered one of the very best preamplifiers in the world. This line stage has $1200 worth of upgraded tubes with approximately 100 hours on them. Retail is $18000 USD WITH THE UPGRADED TUBES. The Veloce LS1 is a two box design with charger and power supply separated from the all important main unit by a detachable umbilical cord. The main unit houses all tube circuits and the batteries. All panels on the unit save the top and bottom clamshell are made from stress relieved 6061 aircraft aluminum. The front panel is two piece affair comprised of a chrome front bar and handles mounted to a grained and anodized back plate. Manual switches and a remote control (volume/mute/input select/on-off) make up the user interface. The back panel includes an array or single ended and XLR inputs and outputs. The late great Harry Pearson said about the Veloce LS-1 : "This is, just maybe, the most nearly flawless piece of audio equipment in our present-day reference systems. It is a battery operated unit, free from any outside interference from the AC line; that ubiquitous hiss, sizzle, and high frequency white noise. The batteries recharge themselves after 60 hours of use. More than that, the Veloce is tube driven (four of them) and thus without the usual coloration's and character of solid-state devices. Other reviewers said "The LS-1 provides such clarity and ease of performance that it basically disappears, in as much as a component can possibly do so. It is so good that it gives us a reliable yardstick to adjudge the rest of the system. And this is the best part; although I have listened to this line stage for years, it still excites. Not in any way or respect is it cold, dull, or lethargic. The LS-1 is quick, lively, detailed, and musical. Since it is battery powered, the LS-1 is dead quiet, providing the source material a near perfect background to explore (it is so silent you will question whether or not it has even been turned on). It easily translates the dimensions of the soundstage with great clarity and depth. Its rendering of detail is precise, but you are never aware of this, because you are too busy listening to the music. Tonally, there are no bumps or bruises anywhere down the line, just pure sonic integrity. Dynamics, which can be the weak point of a battery operated design (for obvious reasons), are in healthy supply. Simply, the LS-1 lets the music sound like music; nothing more and definitely nothing less. Veloce has developed a new, upgraded version of the LS-1, the Lithio Series. This upgraded unit is what you would buy if you purchased an LS-1 today. Apparently, one such improvement is a more efficient battery supply in hopes of eliminating any and all misconceptions of using battery power. Needless to say, we are very excited to hear the next evolution". Personally I have owned a ton of world class preamplifiers but if I had to keep only 1 line stage for life, I would keep this preamplifier, IT IS THAT GOOD!!!! We do have all the original packaging and box so shipping is possible but this is a big box and will be $150 for shipping in Canada or USA. International buyers must pay via wire transfer ONLY and shipping cost will be $200 USD via DHL. Please do not purchase Internationally if you are not prepared to pay with a wire transfer. Bob 519-619-9924

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