SimaudioMoon CD-5.3usedSimaudio Moon CD-5.3Simaudio MOON CD-5.3 CD Player - Very Nice! - Black **Price Reduced!****FREE Shipping!****Mint condition!**100% Functional working & cosmetic condition."The 5.3 Vibrant, engaging and dynamic ar...1450.00

Simaudio Moon CD-5.3 [Expired]

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Simaudio MOON CD-5.3 CD Player - Very Nice! - Black 

**Price Reduced!**

**FREE Shipping!**

**Mint condition!**

100% Functional working & cosmetic condition.

"The 5.3 Vibrant, engaging and dynamic are all apt words for describing its sound. Music leapt into the room, filling out not just the space in front of the speakers but behind them as well, and into the corners of the room.

The sense of air around performers and instruments is what really set the CD5.3 apart. The soundstage was not only big, but everything in it was well separated. The open and revealing nature of the CD5.3's sound made musicians' locations easier to pick out."

An extremely well built and designed unit. Modified with upgraded audiophile Muses 8920 op-amps and sound dampening under the cover. Improved soundstage, spaciousness,  surrounding air, defining each instrument, detailed and lively sounding.

See my excellent feedback on: Audiogon, US Audio Mart, and Ebay.

Includes: Original packaging, Remote Control, Power Cord, Points for feet, User Manual Copy.

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