BottleheadBeepreused300B DHT preamp Bottlehead Beepre, tricked outThis superlative preamp sounds as you would imagine. The sound is HUGE and uber transparent, it being a single gain stage with no cathode follower, and no global negative feedback. There are on...1750.00

300B DHT preamp Bottlehead Beepre, tricked out [Expired]

no longer for sale

This superlative preamp sounds as you would imagine.  The sound is HUGE and uber transparent, it being a single gain stage with no cathode follower, and no global negative feedback.  There are only a few DHT preamps out there (you can just about count on one hand) and this is one of the few that utilize the 300B.  By far the best bang for the buck AFAIK.  This should be the last preamp for most people.  Just so so so much fun to listen to.  This pre is for people who like their soundstage BIG and their images HOLOGRAPHIC.  Seriously, you will never go back to hum drum 12AT7 or tiny 6922 or 6SN7-based preamps after hearing this.  It's a gamechanger. 

This one has every upgrade imaginable.  Comes with the Beequiet attenuator upgrade (a $245 option) as well as big upgraded Obbligato caps inside.  Also inside, the bottom plate and inside walls of base are lined with dynamat sound-damping material which helps cut down on microphonics a good bit.  The good-but-not spectacular EH 300bs have been upgraded to Psvane Treasures T-II (which themselves are slight upgrades over the vaunted Black Treasures).  These tubes (bought new by me from Grant Fidelity and never used as power output tubes) are the least microphonic that I tried in this preamp and they sound super smooth but with great detail and attack.  Sound is absolutely huge.  The EL84 input tubes were upgraded to the seldom-seen Russian 6N14N-k which are military/industrial grade tubes that are supposed to last forever (and they sound amazing and are super quiet).  I also have rings on all tubes.  Oh, and it rests on some nice super cushy rubber feet (can't remember name or exact material but they also help with microphonics a lot).  In all, I'd say microphonics are really no longer an issue.  I had this unit way out in the room on my coffee table (with long IC's--which it can drive easily btw).  In other words, it was in maybe the worst place to have it (ie in front of speakers, good distance from sub) and I had no issues with feedback/microphonics.  So unless you hit the tubes themselves you really won't notice any microphony at all.  It has been well tamed...

 Here is a link to more info about this piece:

The base price for upgraded kit is $1644, another $1050 for assembly (which Bottlehead  actually stopped offering long time ago), over $500 for tubes, caps, and other tweaks for a total of well over $3k.

These rarely come up for sale and are no longer available pre-built.  Here's your chance to get one already built with every upgrade possible.

I will cover domestic insured ground and 2.9% PP fee.  International buyers please inquire about extra postage to your country and please note that it is 120V and not easily changeable. 

I will also throw in a nice brand new thick (14AWG) 6 foot PC.

I always overpack and guarantee it to arrive in perfect working order.

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best... Thanks,
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