PS AudioPerfectWave DirectStream DAC Junior newPS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC Junior - NEW-In-Box; Full Warranty; 25% Off; Free ShippingPS AUDIO PerfectWave DirectStream DAC Junior - NEW-In-Box; Full Warranty; 25% Off; Free ShippingMSRP: $3999.95 USD pcX Price: $2999.95 USD 25% Off + Free ShippingAvailable in: Bl...2800.00

PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC Junior - NEW-In-Box; Full Warranty; 25% Off; Free Shipping [Expired]

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PS AUDIO PerfectWave DirectStream DAC Junior - NEW-In-Box; Full Warranty; 25% Off; Free Shipping

MSRP:         $3999.95 USD  

pcX Price:   $2999.95 USD         25% Off + Free Shipping

Available in: Black or Silver (Please Specify Finish)

DirectStream Junior...An affordable state of the art DAC

DSJ is a technological wonder that builds on the same architecture awarded Product of the Year in both Stereophile and TAS, Darko Knock-Out award, Editors’ Choice and Golden Ear awards. DSJ is an extraordinary performance instrument–handwritten and uncompromised–a pure DSD Digital to Analog Converter uncovering all the missing information long hidden in your audio library, from both PCM and DSD sources. CD’s, high-resolution PCM, or DSD based media, are expertly upsampled to twenty times DSD rate and output as pure analog directly into your amplifier or preamplifier. DSJ is one of the few, true, fully analog DSD devices, that’s setting the industry on its ear and reshaping the landscape of music and high-end audio.

Whatever the format, whatever the sample rate, DirectStream Junior (DSJ) provides a pure DSD based solution that fulfills the promise of high-resolution analog performance from digital audio. If you know the sound of music and instruments, are unwilling to compromise sound quality, and want to hear what’s been missing on your discs, then this DAC is right for you.

DSJ provides remarkable performance that uncovers all that buried treasure in your digital music collection. In fact, we’re confident enough to suggest you haven’t really heard what’s on your CDs and SACDs until you hear them reproduced through the DSJ. Connect DSJ to your NAS, computer, or favorite internet streaming station through its built-in Bridge II, I²S through an HDMI cable to the PWT (or upcoming DirectStream Transport playing your favorite SACD), or any digital output source, and sit back and relive musical performances few have enjoyed at any price.


Unit Weight 18 lbs [8.1 kg] Unit Dimensions 14” x 17” x 2.75” [ 36cm x 43cm x 6.98cm] Shipping Weight 27 lbs [12.25 kg] Shipping Dimensions 20.5”x 24” x 10” [52cm x 61cm x 25cm]

Power requirements:

Input Power Model specific 100VAC, 120VAC, or 230VAC 50 or 60Hz Power Consumption 30W

Digtial audio inputs:

I²S, Coax, XLR Balanced, TOSLINK, USB, Ethernet

Sample Rates:

I2S, and USB -- 44.1kHz to 352.8kHz 16bit, 24bit, DSD 64, DSD 128 TOSLINK – 44.1kHz to 96kHz 16bit, 24bit XLR (AES/EBU)S/PDIF (coax)-- 44.1kHz to 192kHz 16bit, 24bit, DSD 64

Analog Audio Output:

Connector RCA/XLR Unbalanced /Balanced (X2) Output level (Low) 170mV (-15.5dBV) Single Ended 340mV (-9.5dbV) Balanced Output level (Normal) 1.3 Vrms(+2.25dBV) Single Ended 2.6V (+8.25dbV) Balanced Output Impedance 100Ω/200Ω Frequency Response 20-20KHz +/- 0.25dB THD&IM @ 1KHz (full scale) <0.03% Output Stage Active high current, high speed analog amps producing double rate DSD.

Data Handling:

Format PCM or DSD Sample rate (PCM) 44.1kHz, 48.0kHz, 88.2kHz, 96.0kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz Word length (PCM) 16b, 18b, 20b, 24b Data rate (DSD) Standard (2.8MHz) or Double (5.6MHz) DoP on all inputs as well as raw DSD on I²S inputs, not including the built in Bridge II Input jitter reduction Effectively 100%, residual immeasurable. No input PLLs, FLLs. Input Processing 170MHz Signal Processing 50MHz Synchronous Upsampling, all inputs 28.224MHz Digital Processing S/N ration >146 dB Digital Volume Control Zero loss of precision Analog Conversion method Delta Sigma (DSD) Single-bit double rate

I²S Digital Input:

Connector HDMI Format PCM or DSD. DoP as well as raw DSD on I²S and USB inputs

USB Digital Input:

Connector USB “B” Type Format PCM or DoP v1.1 (DSD over PCM) Transfer mode Asynchronous

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