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Audio Sector Patek SE & Power Supply - Brand New [Expired]

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For Sale
Patek SE
Custom Ordered From Peter Daniel
At 1 1/2 Months Ago

I just paid $1,700 for a beautiful custom ordered “museum quality” power amp, the Patek SE. It’s one of my favorite amps and (in my opinion) sounds better than my Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear power amp that I purchased during the same time frame. I’d keep the Patek SE over the LTA Ultralinear any day. I didn't think that was possible until I had both here to listen to.

The Patek is 50w/ch into 8 ohms and doesn’t like difficult to drive speakers. But in most reasonable systems, it will sound phenomenal. It has the rare and no longer available Black Gate capacitors in both the amp and power supply. This is what makes this amp sound way better than any alternatives (way better than Panasonics and other brands everyone else has used). Nothing quite compares. Peter Daniel has a stash of these rare caps and just started building the amps again this year so I ordered one. His construction is amazing and this is one of the most beautiful amps I've ever owned.

I’m moving to Boston, MA and only have room in my car to take a limited amount of audio equipment and computer. Everything else must go into storage for the next year. Rather than do that, I’m now selling my Patek SE amp since I won't have room for it. I just replaced it yesterday with a brand new First Watt SIT3 power amp. I had to try the First Watt before I ran out of time (can only do listening here before I leave and I wanted something that is absolutely stunning). I will not have an audio system for awhile until I purchase a new home so I tried to get amp trials out of the way before I left here. 

Also, the SIT3 is at the end of it’s production and will end soon (if it hasn’t already) and no longer available. I had the chance to purchase one so I had to try it. Anyone that has one of these 250 unique amps will probably keep them even though they might buy another amp of two. It’s absolutely excellent if you can work within it’s narrow requirements. The Patek SE, however, will work with many different systems and doesn’t have that kind of restrictive use.

Yes, the SIT3 sounds even more detailed than the Patek SE but both are very close in sound quality. I like both but will keep the SIT3 even though its considerably more expensive. The problem with the SIT3, however, is that I cannot power it with my LDR based custom passive volume control. Out of 100 steps of volume attenuation, I had to run it full open at 100 and it wasn’t loud enough. If I didn’t already own fairly efficient speakers and my own custom built phenomenal triode tube buffer I would need to sell the SIT3. Fortunately I can keep it. The Patek works great with just the passive LDR based volume control.

I custom build an incredible single triode tube buffer (naked Vishay resistors, Belleson regulators, and incredible parts) plus the uber expensive V-Cap CuTF coupling caps that I’m using provide the tone and texture and the other parts yield the transparency. So you’re really hearing the quality of the coupling caps. I’m using the $1,200 a pair of CuTF 2.0 uF caps and love them. I’ve spent a small fortune trying out other brands and nothing comes close (even the lower cost oil caps from V-Cap). In combination with the First Watt and my source being a level 3 Metrum Pavane DAC, I now have a sound quality so close to the best analog turntable sound that I’m finally there. Move about that later when I get settled in Boston.

This Patek SE that I’m selling, runs totally “cool” without external heat. The SIT3 get “hotter than hell” in comparison and really can’t be run in a small room. The Patek SE not only makes a tremendous “summer amp” but it sounds better than most incredible solid state SE amps that I’ve heard yet until I placed the SIT3 in my system. I liked the Patek SE better than my former Valvet E2 and Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear power amps and that's saying something. I was going to keep it but it’s now for sale to help make my move more efficient.

I’m selling the Patek SE for $1,500. I paid $1,700 plus $50 shipping cost from Peter Daniel in Canada. I’ll pay for the PayPal fee (3.5%), the Audiogon listing fee (4%), and the actual shipping cost up to $50. I’ll only sell this amp (and accompanying power supply) within the Continental US. I’m taking a loss but in all honesty, you will not find audio quality anywhere near the price I’m asking. I’m netting way too little for what I’m selling but will do it if I find an appreciative audiophile that can really enjoy this amp.

If this amp doesn't sell within the next week and a half, I'm taking the ad down and will be keeping it.

This amp and accompanying power supply will be shipping in a serious styrofoam walled box and carefully wrapped using Peter Daniel’s original packaging. His packing is some of the best I’ve had anyone use and I appreciate his careful attention to detail.

Let me know if you have questions. This Patek SE and power supply are literally “brand new” and not even broken in yet.

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