Esprit AudioKappausedEsprit Audio - Kappa 2M Speaker Cables Factory Terminated with Spades - DemoKaplan Design - Former Authorized Esprit Dealer - US importer recently dropped the line, with that said Esprit Audio is no longer imported in the US. 100 Hrs of Use in my showroom Esprit Au...455.00

Esprit Audio - Kappa 2M Speaker Cables Factory Terminated with Spades - Demo

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Kaplan Design - Former Authorized Esprit Dealer - US importer recently dropped the line, with that said Esprit Audio is no longer imported in the US. 
100 Hrs of Use in my showroom

Esprit Audio - hand Made in France. 
Kappa; Speaker Cables 2M {78.74"}, 1 Pair Factory Terminated with 20 microns silver-plated copper spades on connectors - Demo including Esprit Audio Nylon Bag.  
Rating 8/10 to be Conservative!  Very Good Condition!  There are a few scratches on some of Spade Connectors! Review ALL Images Approximately.
Reprinted from Esprit Audio Website: Kappa cables’ ability to reveal the smooth and realistic qualities of your high fidelity system is really impressive. They offer you an immediate, natural and dynamic musical emotion, previously reserved to the most elitist products.


Speaker cable:

20 microns silver-plated copper spades connectors
Asymmetrical dielectric on air
720 strand pure copper conductor 
Asymmetrical strand construction
Air layer partial screening


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Kappa Interconnects Available:
Also selling my Demo Esprit Audio Kappa RCA Interconnect Cables 1.2m Pair & 1.8m Pair, If you're interested please send me a message, if you want to buy them I'll list the 1.8 or 1.2M pairs you want to purchase on AudioGon.
will offer Discounted FedEx or UPS Shipping -When Multiple Pairs are shipped in the same box.
  Below reviews reprinted from Esprit Audio Website in France: 
Review Absolute Sound: by Neil Gader 2019 Esprit Audio Beta Speaker Cable and Interconnect 
Kappa is the Next line-Up After Beta.
I elected to review one of Esprit’s budget models, Beta (a series above the entry-level Alpha). However, for comparison and to get a taste of Esprit’s higher performance models I listened to the upper-middle range Aura wire (Esprit Aura Speaker: $2500/2m; $3800/3m with spades)   Esprit Beta Speaker: $390/2m; $580/3m with spades Interconnect: $420/1.2m pr. RCA; $450/1.2m pr. XLR    
"Beta cables employ multi-strand construction (720 strands, interconnect) using five-nines (99.9995) copper conductors and high-temperature air-layer silicone PVC insulation. The speaker connectors, whether spades or bananas, are plated with 20 microns of silver over copper. Construction quality appeared excellent and terminations robust—comparable to the vastly more expensive Aura cable. Beta is also an easy, compliant cable to handle, which I’m thankful for since I tend to swap out cables more frequently than most hobbyists." 
I elected to review one of Esprit’s budget models, Beta (a series above the entry-level Alpha). However, for comparison and to get a taste of Esprit’s higher performance models I listened to the upper-middle range Aura wire.   
Compared with Beta, Aura speaker cable more than doubles the multi-strand conductor configuration with 1680 copper strands of six-nines (99.99995) per each positive and neutral run. (Interconnects are 810 strands.) Insulation is silicone PVC with air and glass layers. 
The banana connectors are pure silver, while spades are plated with 40 microns of silver over copper. Aura is also equipped with dielectric polarization via an attached battery pack. In Richard Cesari’s words, “We polarize the insulators which has the effect of making them more efficient and creates an Esprit Audio Beta Speaker Cable and Interconnect French Soufflé 96 December 2018 the absolute sound anti-vibratory system by the effect of the DC bias.”   
Beta series performed. Beta is not a cable of excesses. This wire played it pretty straight, neither intensifying the treble nor boosting the bass. In overall sonic character, Esprit Beta wire had a midrange-centric sound. Thus, vocal detail was clean and expressive on baritones and sopranos alike. Beta cabling was sensitive to small textural and timbral gradations, conveying a throatier, chestier Tom Waits or Renee Fleming or Jen Chapin or Norah Jones. Its treble was somewhat rolled on top but with a smooth sibilance region—a factor that made it easily listenable, and helped loudspeakers that tend to emphasize the 4-8kHz range. During “Autumn Leaves” from the Manhattan Jazz Quintet, Beta displayed good composure on the soaring trumpet transients and dynamic pyrotechnics. There was a hint of astringency and constriction in the top end, but this was hardly obtrusive. Beta also reproduced a lively rendition of Dave Brubeck’s signature track “Take Five,” brimming with shimmering cymbals and the full-bodied harmonics of Paul Desmond’s alto saxophone. Even Brubeck’s soft, backing piano chords, which can easily be smeared by lesser cables, remained sharply focused throughout. Beta’s imaging was stable, and its soundstaging was convincing in width and dimensionality 

Absolute-Sound interview with Richard Cesari, CEO of Esprit Audio.

Q: What ignited your interest in the high end? Did it come from the music side or the electronics side? 

A: I heard Rhapsody in Blue for the first time when I was 11 and I believe this is where it all started. My love for music never stopped growing with the discovery of Mahler pieces, Bill Evans, or John Coltrane.

Q: What gear made up your first Hi-End Audio system? 

A: It was a long time ago, and my first system was made up of a Thorens TD 166 turntable, a Luxman L3 amplifier, and self-constructed loudspeakers. I was 18, and all my first salaries were used for this purpose. 

Q: When did audio change from a hobby to a career? 

A: I believe never...But I live this passion very professionally! 

Q: What education did you receive? 

A:I am trained in electro-mechanics. Very useful for avoiding big mistakes when conceiving my products, but it can be counter-productive for innovation and exploration of territories outside “the box.” 

Q:Do you play a musical instrument or study music? 

A: I learned to play drums and saxophone when I was very young, as I was first “caught” by Billy Cobham. A little bit later John Coltrane and Michael Brecker made me switch to saxophone...The practicing of those instruments helped me consider music as a whole thing, and not as bass, midrange, and treble only, which is often a mistake. 

Q: What does the expression “high-end” audio mean to you? 

A: To me, what we used to call “high end” is the ultimate representation of high fidelity (with no absolute link with “high price”), just the closest possible step to live music. It is the Formula One of audio, without any compromise. 

Q: Do you have a preference between analog and digital? Why?

A: I’ve personally always had a preference for analog. I’m still using a turntable, for the emotion, it conveys with the music I listen to. But I must say that the arrival of new generations of DACs on the market makes me appreciate [digital] more and more. Digital recordings have become much more fluid and natural. 

Q: How did you get involved in the cable industry? 

A: I started to conceive cables for my own use, then I went on at the request of some friends. This is how it all started. 

Q: How would you describe the company philosophy? Our slogan: “The Spirit of Music” is a perfect summary of our goal, i.e. to create the most authentic products to reproduce music at its best. 

Q: What is the greatest misunderstanding people have about cables? 

A: That cables are tone correctors. A cable is a technical object to convey a signal from A to B without any alteration. 

Q: What are the greatest challenges facing the high-end industry in the next few years? 

A: Keep on designing music and authentic sound-oriented equipment and to avoid becoming an industry of luxury. 

Q: Outside of audio, what do you do for fun? 

Q: Music. What inspires you about your work? Without placing myself at their level in any way at all, I take my inspiration from artists such as Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Mahler, Arvo Pärt. These four names are just a thousandth part of the list I could draw up, but I find their works extremely inspirational.

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