Gabriel GoldHALOusedGabriel Gold HALO 1m RCA set- The finest sounding cable ever made !Gabriel Gold " Bringing Your Music To Greater Heights" ®For your consideration-Gabriel Gold HALO 1m RCA setThe HALO is the end result of 20 plus years of metallurgical and cable design. Thus, yield...404.00

Gabriel Gold HALO 1m RCA set- The finest sounding cable ever made ! [Expired]

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Gabriel Gold 
" Bringing Your Music To Greater Heights" ®

For your consideration-

Gabriel Gold HALO 1m RCA set

The HALO is the end result of 20 plus years of metallurgical and cable design. Thus, yielding a cable which allows for natural timbre of instruments,harmonics, and the human voice conveyed effortlessly.Soundstage ,depth of field ,and the ability to deliniate complex passages will leave you astounded.Lower frequencies are fast and authoritative.

The HALO creates a masterful musical canvas portraying the emotion and presence of a live musical event.Truly the ultimate musical landscape.

*Solid Gold and Solid Silver conductors. 
*Minimalist Dielectric allows for ultimate electron flow 
*Internal design and materials protects against RF/EMI without the diverse effect of heavy 
*RCA connectors used allow the cables design to remain in tact without colorations and 
negative effects .

Note: It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery" however, don't be fooled by immitators.

Previous cable designs included the following. 
Gabriel Gold Extreme,  Gabriel Gold Revelation,  Gabriel Gold Rapture,  
Gabriel Gold Rev 2,  Gabriel Gold Rapture v2,  Gabriel Gold Reflection , 
Gabriel Gold Reflection v2,  Gabriel Gold Infusion.    

Where are all the reviews ?

I’ve had a number of trade publications request review samples over the years, I have graciously declined. as my focus has been and always will be the ultimate reviewer - - You The Customer ! That is not to say that reviewers are not personally using Gabriel Gold cables as many are .

Why isn't Gabriel Gold more a household name ?

An Audio distributor/importer interested in the product called the Gabriel Gold’s, “a sonic and visual masterpiece.

I’ve had many opportunities to bring the Gabriel Golds into the mass market by distributors, investors and manufacturers so I am aware of production cost and margins needed so all can make their share.

Direct sales and low overhead is the only way a cable of the magnitude of any Gabriel Gold cable can be made available to the consumer at their respected price points.

Build Quality

Hand crafted, designed from the ground up and built by the owner of Gabriel Gold. 

The Sound - Most Importantly !!!!! Searching for that perfect sound is what initially inspired me to design a cable. One that would properly assist in conveying correct timbre, harmonics and tonality above all else. Obsessive designing and work with metallurgy yielded a cable that audiophiles and musicians were preferring over some of the most respected and expensive cables available. Paul Shaeffer formerly of the The Late Show With David Letterman outfitted his home system entirely with Gabriel Gold cables. 
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