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Harmonic Resolution Systems S1 Platform in Silver and black finishes in stock. [Expired]

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Sunny Components Inc,
Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri 10.00am-6.00pm.Sat-10am-4pm Closed on Sunday and Monday.

1370 E Cypress St Ste D,E Covina CA-91724 USA
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Some of the finest products built in America & Europe, combined with the finest
service that is truly upscale.
We Welcome Brinkmann Source products. Turntables and DAC's.

This is a Fixed price sale...

Total Demo stock on S1
I have Silver isolation platforms with 1 blue and 2 reds left.
I have Black Isolation platforms with 3 reds and 4 blues

  We are offering 1 ea of a Store Demonstration Harmonic Resolution Systems S1 Series Platform for sale.

Store Demonstration Platforms.

The size of our shelves is 19 X 21 inches.
This shelf is great for Turntables, Pre-Amplifiers and CD Transports on Stands that are not made by HRS also.

We have a total of 2 in Silver and 2 ea in Black.
The S1 Shelf is a high performance product that will be a great addition to your current system.

You are invited to visit our store and audition these fine platforms and several audio stands from HRS.
We also have a Silver 2 X 3 SXR Audio Stand in 17 X 19 size.
This stand was customized for Audio Research products.
We are going to sell it as a Demonstration unit.

California residents add sales tax
Credit card and Paypal add 3.5% fee.

High Performance Audio System

One of the key elements in producing a superb audio system is to have a very low noise floor. Everything that happens to reproduce a musical performance is counting on this fact. How much information is retrieved, amplified, and delivered into the room is in a significant way dependent on a very low noise level at every location in the audio system. Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) passion for enjoying the full magic of a musical performance has driven us to develop a wide range of products that will allow your system to reach its full potential. HRS products and our complete system approach will preserve the information, timing, decay structure, and spatial information of your favorite music in the manner originally created by the artist.

We prefer to sell this shelf locally. We also have a Trade-in Black 6 shelf rack that we have received in a Trade.

Please call the store for more information

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