Krell400 cx AmplifierusedKrell 400 cx Amplifier( ( ( SALE PENDING ) ) ) Awesome & Powerful "CLASS A" as new: Krell Full Power Balanced "FPB" as new 400cx amplifier. Cast & Balanced XLR inputs. ...4195.00

Krell 400 cx Amplifier [Expired]

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( ( ( SALE PENDING  ) ) )

Awesome & Powerful "CLASS A" as new: Krell Full Power Balanced "FPB" as new 400cx amplifier.


Cast & Balanced XLR inputs.

Serial # 15903100135
Powerful, sweet, detailed and huge sound.  Rated at 400 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 800 watts per channel at 4 ohms, this Krell powerhouse will satisfy the most power hungry of speakers and offers true reference quality sound !

This Krell came to us from the same customer who gave us his KCT pre amplifier on consignment, (available separately.)  The combination is stellar.  

This amplifier is in mint condition.  It looks like brand new.  It performs like brand new.  It is priced at a fraction of new and truly has legendary top reference quality sound.  

World class sound is now affordable for the audiophile on a budget.  Don't miss your chance to enjoy years of audio bliss with this Krell amplifier.
The Full Power Balanced X Series consists of three stereo amplifiers, the Full Power Bal- anced 700cx, 400cx, and 300cx Stereo Power Amplifiers and three monaural amplifiers, the Full Power Balanced 750Mcx, 450Mcx, and 350Mcx Monaural Power Amplifiers. Installation, connection, and operation of all amplifiers in the Full Power Balanced series are identical; however, a pair of Full Power Balanced Monaural amplifiers are required for stereo operation.

Full Power Balanced amplifiers can be configured to accommodate any sophisticated music or home theater system and can be operated by an optional remote control or through the remote control of other Krell components.

This owner’s reference manual contains important information on placement, installation, and operation of the Full Power Balanced amplifiers.


Brand: Krell Industries

Model Name/Number: FPB 400cx

Price (RRP): $10,500 US dollars

Product Information:


Full Power Balanced 400cx, Amplifier

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz to 20kHz +0 dB, -0.05 dB : 0.1 Hz to 240 kHz +0dB,-3dB


GAIN: 26.4 dB


ALL BALANCED, UNWEIGHTED: 1 kHz <0.03% 20 kHz <0.16%



OUTPUT POWER EACH CHANNEL DRIVEN: 8 Ohms 400 W 4 Ohms 800 W 2 Ohms 1,600 W

OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Peak to Peak 170 V RMS 60V


Stand-by Idle Max.

75 W 350 W 3,000 W

INPUTS: 1 pair balanced via XLR connectors, 1 pair CAST via 4-pin bayonet connectors

OUTPUTS: SPEAKER BINDING POSTS 4 pair (upper left, lower left, upper right lower right)

DIMENSIONS INCHES CENTIMETERS: 19.0w x 10.3h x 19.7d 48.3w x 26.2h x 50.0d

WEIGHT SHIPPING: 127.0 lb., 57.7 kg

UNIT ONLY: 110.0 lb., 50.0 kg 

4 pair (upper left, lower left, upper right lower right)

All operational features, functions, specifications, and policies are subject to change without notification.

Condition: 9/10

Packaging: Can build a proper shipping Box for $100 + shipping.

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