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The Arion Audio IRIS Active Loudspeaker System


With our Apollo System series well under way, Arion Audio wanted to offer smaller speaker systems for music lovers who don’t want the “big system” but still demand the same high quality of music reproduction. The IRIS speakers started life as a design exercise in scaling down our HVT (High Velocity Transducer) and BFW (Balanced Force Woofer) technology. The culmination of many months of research and development have resulted in the IRIS. The IRIS is the smallest model of the Arion Audio loudspeaker lineup.


During the conceptual phase of the IRIS development many ideas were considered. The ideas that survived scrutiny became the product’s design outline and performance goals. The main design considerations were:


Sound quality

Compact size

Easy room integration

Using the proven technology from our larger loudspeakers

A clean contemporary design

High sensitivity



We chose the 3D printing process to start our physical development. There was much to learn about the 3D printing process and how to apply it to loudspeaker design and development. Fortunately, our 3D printing partner has many years of experience in the field of 3D printing and has experience with printing many different plastics, reinforced plastics and metals. With our HVT and BFW technology in hand we had a clear direction. Once our basic design was hashed out, we started building 3D printed prototypes to test and evaluate. We quickly became very fond of the 3D printing process. The discussion then turned to the possibility of using 3D printed cabinets in the production speakers. We decided to seriously evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using this process in production. We concluded that there are more benefits and few drawbacks and decided to move forward.


Deciding to use 3D printed speaker cabinets has allowed us the opportunity to design additional features into the cabinets and better control their properties. We were challenged by new and different design obstacles. We welcome a good design challenge and pride ourselves for thinking outside the box. Challenges have been met.


Arion Audio IRIS speakers are a two-way open baffle DSP controlled active system. They are ideal for a wide range of listening environments providing a unique combination of extraordinary detail, clarity, low dynamic compression, accurate timbre reproduction and natural dynamic contrasts. They are configurable and can be set up to be used with subwoofers if needed.


Two-way dipole monitors.

Requires four (4) channels of amplification)

Arion (built in house) AMT driver (one AMT per speaker)

AMT impedance- 4 ohms

Long-throw 6 inch woofers (four woofers per speaker)

Woofer array impedance- 4 ohms

Frequency response- 45Hz to 24KHz

Frequency response (Optimized)- 55Hz to 19KHz +/- 1dB (in-room response)

DSP-controlled with advanced room correction

Crossover - 380 Hz (adjustable from 380Hz to 440Hz with DSP)

AMT sensitivity is over 100dB (minimum 1.5 watts per channel)

Woofer sensitivity is over 90dB (minimum 20 watts per channel)

Retail price is $8995 USD. Included are two (2) speakers and the Advanced DSP system. Stands are optional at $500 USD. The speakers without electronics retail for $2995.

IRIS speakers measure 20"H by 10"W by 8"D each. Each 3D speaker is built around our "designed and built in house" AMT driver and 4 six inch woofers. Speaker stands are available as an option. Please contact us for configuration options and price quote.

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