DynaudioAudience 52usedDynaudio Audience 52The Dynaudio Audience 52 sets a high standard in reasonably priced monitors that has always been hard to equal. They've earned their share of world wide acclaim including an "Absolute Sound" re...360.00

Dynaudio Audience 52 [Expired]

no longer for sale

The Dynaudio Audience 52 sets a high standard in reasonably priced monitors that has always been hard to equal.  They've earned their share of world wide acclaim including  an "Absolute Sound" recommendation and they were "5 Star" rated by "What HiFi" magazine.   Playback is smooth, precise and musically neutral, transparent, open and airy with excellent imaging and a profound dynamic punch. Bass frequencies are detailed and quite dramatic for a relatively small cabinet. They never fail to impress with their smooth but detailed musical presentation.The cabinets are finished in Black Ash and measure 13"h. x 8"w. x 9.5d." and weigh 15lbs each. Their original price was $ 999.

The Audience 52 uses the famed Esotec series 1" tweeter and a 6.75" poly mid/bass driver in a rear ported cabinet with a 150 watt input capacity @ 4ohms and 86db efficiency. These are just a just  great sounding speakers. They can swing from classical to hard rock without skipping a beat and can play at surprisingly loud levels with very little distortion. There will be included 2 hand cut tapered foam plugs for the rear ports (in lieu of factory foam plugs) which can be inserted at differing depths to achieve a proper degree of resistance in air flow relative to tuning mid/bass dampening so as to prevent overexcursion at moderate and higher output levels. The new plugs also serve to increase midrange & low treble frequencies and somewhat tune the midrange response in the vocal range to the listeners tastes. They can also restrict deeper bass frequencies which can be advantageous in subwoofer matching and phase cancellation. I found them to be both useful and effective.

The 52s' are in perfect operational condition and sound great. Do they perform to the same standard as the Audience 52 SEs'? Well, not quite but very close and they retain the same sonic personality. The SEs' use a newer tweeter and cap upgrades so they would perform a bit better. But, then again you just don't see the SEs' going for less than $700, and at $375 the 52s' are an exceptional value and will blow away most everything in this price range.

The 52s' are in very good condition. The cabinets are 7.8 of 10 condition, the grilles are 6.5. The outward appearance of the cabinets have no dings, dents or scratches in the finish with exception to a minor mar on the back of one cabinet. There is a trace of dimpling in one of the tweeters but it is barely noticeable. The bottom of the cabinets show some flaws in the finish where they were mounted on stands (Plateau sand-filled stands which are also available for sale). There is a small tear in one grille corner and a mounting stud was broken off but was repaired to acceptable standards. That's the way they arrived from the original owner but I never use grilles because they always detract from the playback. 

The Dynaudios will be shipped in the original box and all the original packing except 1 hardfoam spacer; however alternative but effective packing material will be substituted. A reprinted factory data sheet will also be provided.

These are some of the best small loudspeakers I've used and I've had a dozen. They have always impressed me with their natural, spacious and dynamic performance.  
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