Marantz7tusedMarantz 7tIn beautiful condition with wood case. Original factory box with after market packing. One of the most famous vintage Marantz preamps ever built! First production of the solid state version 7T...900.00

Marantz 7t [Expired]

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In beautiful condition with wood case.

Original factory box with after market packing.

One of the most famous vintage Marantz preamps ever built!  First production of the solid state version 7T was in 1966, based on the tube model 7 in 1958.

Still sounds amazing. Here is just a bit of the cool features:

The Marantz Model 7T has eight inputs, selected by a front-panel rotary switch, plus recording and playback connections for a tape recorder controlled by a separate TAPE FUNCTION lever switch. A unique feature is the pair of front-panel jacks for recording and playback con­nections to a second external tape recorder (in addition to the one built into one's system). These extra jacks make it simple to record a program simultaneously on two re­corders, or to copy a tape played on either machine.The Model 7T has low-level equalized inputs for a tape head and two magnetic cartridges, plus an unequal­ized microphone input.

There are four high-level inputs, marked TUNER, TV, AUXILIARY 1, and AUXILIARY 2. In­put impedance is 47,000 ohms at the phono inputs, and 1 megohm at all the others. On the rear of the chassis, in addition to the various input jacks, are two pairs of parallel-connected output jacks for driving the power amplifiers, and a pair of paral­lel-connected center-channel (A + B) output jacks with their own level control. Also on the front panel there is a MODE switch with the conventional settings for playing either right or left channel alone, mixing both for mono reproduction, or for normal or reversed-channel stereo, The tone controls (separate bass and treble controls for each channel) use step switches. The treble controls have five positions of cut and five of boost, while the bass controls have four positions of cut and six of boost. In the center flat position of each tone control, all tone ­control circuitry is by-passed. Each step on the treble con­trols provides a 2.5-db boost or cut in high-frequency response, and each step of the bass controls corresponds to a 3-db change in low-frequency response. The middle frequencies are unaffected.

The bass-boost characteristics are designed to compensate for the ear's apparent loss of lows at reduced volume levels (the so-called Fletcher­ Munson effect), and each step of bass boost supplies the compensation for a 5-db reduction in listening levels. Next to the three-position TAPE FUNCTION lever switch, which has settings for TAPE PLAY/MONITOR and TAPE COPY, there are three more lever switches: the PHONO EQUALIZER, with the old 78-rpm characteristic and the old Columbia LP characteristic in addition to RIAA equaliza­tion; a LOW-FREQ FILTER, with cut-off frequencies of 50 and 100 Hz; and a HIGH-FREQ FILTER, with cut-off fre­quencies of 5 and 9 kHz. The filters all have a 12 db per octave roll-off.

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