SonoreultraRenduusedSonore ultraRendu + Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS 1.2PRICE REDUCED. Sonore’ Ultrarendu + Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS 1.2. Both in very good cosmetic condition, and in full working operating condition. At my offering price, I will pay shipping charges...876.00

Sonore ultraRendu + Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS 1.2 [Expired]

no longer for sale

PRICE REDUCED.  Sonore’ Ultrarendu + Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS 1.2.  Both in very good cosmetic condition, and in full working operating condition. At my offering price, I will pay shipping charges to the lower 48 States. Buyer pays PayPal cost.  Please email me with questions and to make offer. Thank you for checking out my listing. Both units come with all accessories, but I don't have the original box.


ULTRARENDU: The Sonore ultraRendu project is an extension of the microRendu project that came before it. The design is inspired by audiophile gear and meant to bring grace and simplicity to a microcomputer. The original microRendu was very small and intended to be hidden out of sight behind your other gear. The ultraRendu can be powered by your favorite power supply. The ultraRendu remains as an Ethernet input and USB-Audio output, but all the connectors are located on the rear of the unit for easy cable routing. The ultraRendu utilizes a new proprietary printed circuit board with only the essential components and many updates to match its ultra designation. The best way to connect the ultraRendu to a USB device is via your favorite USB cable. The ultraRendu is easy to configure, accepts streams from various sources, and includes our latest version of our operating system Sonicorbiter.


UPTONE ULTRACAP LPS 1.2:  The LPS-1.2 is a single output, 1.1-amp linear power supply intended for powering a wide range of audio and computer devices, including the Sonore ultraRendu, A switch on the back of the LPS-1.2 allows for setting of the output voltage to 5V, 7V, 9V, or 12 volts. The input and output jacks of the LPS-1 are standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm size DC barrel connectors.The dimensions of the LPS-1.2 are: 110mm (4.33 inches) wide x 112mm (4.41 inches) deep x 30mm  (1.18 inches) tall; Add 6.5mm (0.26 inches) for included rubber feet. Included with the LPS-1.2: A 70cm, 16awg, DC cable with 5.5mm x 2.1mm plugs at both ends (correct for our REGENs, the Sonore Rendus, and many other popular devices which use that size).   A custom 7.5V/4.8A/36W world-voltage-compatible tabletop SMPS for "energizing" the UltraCap™ LPS-1.2, along with a 45cm AC power cable (standard IEC plug one end, USA wall plug at the other - international buyers can cut and put a local plug on or just use any standard power cord).