Essence Audio Amethyst 10A Reference usedDale Pitcher's Essence Audio Amethyst 10A Reference Speakers - Legendary!!!FOR SALE is a legendary pair of Dale Pitcher's masterpieces, the "Reference" version of his famed Amethyst 10A speakers. Make no mistake, this is not the standard 10A's. The Reference model feature...7900.00

Dale Pitcher's Essence Audio Amethyst 10A Reference Speakers - Legendary!!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

FOR SALE is a legendary pair of Dale Pitcher's masterpieces, the "Reference" version of his famed Amethyst 10A speakers. Make no mistake, this is not the standard 10A's. The Reference model featured upgraded drives and crossover components, and carried a much higher price tag.

The below description was taken from another members ad who sold a pair of these very speakers awhile back. It was well written and contained key information about the speakers, so I borrowed it :)

"Here's your chance to purchase a pair of statement speakers for a bargain price. These are the Essence Amethyst Reference 10A speakers. NOT the original 10 or 10A speakers. Finished in bees pau ferro wood with a high gloss. These were manufactured in 99-2000 updated in 2005 (This set listed here was updated in 2015 by Dale Pitcher). You will rarely ever see these for sale and this may be your only chance. In fact, one other reference pair has ever come up for sale. If you want a speaker that'll truimph Wilson Audio Alexandria these are them. Designed and built by the infamous Dale Pitcher. Please google him if you're not familiar. These still command a hefty price on the used market. The modules do come apart for easy breakdown. This is for the pair. Other speaker is harder to photograph. Overall they are in very good condition."

This particular pair was built in 1991 and upgraded to the Reference model in 2015 by Dale Pitcher himself.

I have the user manual, time alignment charts, and sales brochures on these speakers that are included with the purchase. This information is invaluable to the owner as you can adjust each module based on the distance from listening position to the speakers in order for the sound from all 5 drivers (each speaker) to arrive at your ear at the same time. No time misalignment smear!

The design of these loudspeakers is brilliant and rumor has it, prompted the Wilson Audio Alexandria line of speakers which shares many of the same design ideas. They are transmission line speakers and each driver is mounted in its own enclosure. This allows for perfect driver alignment for proper timing, as mentioned prior. The use of a laser distance meter, a caliper measuring tool, and the included charts ensures proper time alignment. The separate modules also drastically reduces smearing from resonance vibrations contaminated other drivers. To further isolate each from one another, I installed Iso-acoustic pucks between each layer. I will include all (26) pucks with the purchase, which is $650 worth of pucks!!

These are game changing speakers and of what has been posted and my conversations with owners, they are end-game level. I am moving and my listening room will be dramatically smaller so I need to downsize. These are 8 Ohm speakers and the size of each driver is specified in one of the images taken from a page in the owners manual.

Frequency Response is 18Hz-32KHz

They can be bi-wired, tri-wired, bi-amped, and tri-amped.

They are 10 enclosures in total and weight approximately 300lbs per stack, so 600 lbs total. Local pick up is preferred.

Paypal, and other payment methods accepted. If shipped, buyer will need to arrange freight company to package and transport at buyer's expense.
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