DatasatRS20iusedDatasat RS20i w/Auro 3D Theater Processor & Balanced XLR Portal BoxWith sleek, elegant looks designed by Neal Feay Company, an award-winning designer of consumer electronics, the Datasat RS20i makes an attractive component of any luxury home entertainment system....13995.00

Datasat RS20i w/Auro 3D Theater Processor & Balanced XLR Portal Box [Expired]

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With sleek, elegant looks designed by Neal Feay Company, an award-winning designer of consumer electronics, the Datasat RS20i makes an attractive component of any luxury home entertainment system.

Including such features such as memory profile settings, stackable multiple EQs, room optimisation/correction and extensive automation controls (not previously seen in high end audio processors) the RS20i is a cut above the competition. Dialog is crystal clear, sound tracks sound like they are being played from the original mixing desk and features such as HDMI v1.4a mean the RS20i can also seamlessly handle 3D video content.

The RS20i is a professional sound solution. Once configured, it is easy to manage with all the power of a cinema audio processor available at your fingertips through your smartphone, iPad, or laptop.

About this product
Store demo Datasat RS20i Theater Processor w/Auro 3D & Balanced XLR Portal (made by Transparent Audio). Processor comes in original box with connecting cables, extra fuses, fuse replacement instructions, DTS demo disc, rack mounts for breakout box, power cord, and owner's manual (on disc).

Units are in excellent working condition. Units were rack-mounted and have some cosmetic blemishes as a result. Please see photos for more detail.

The breakout box, manufactured for this product by Transparent Audio, allows use of a balanced output by converting the DB-25 pin connector to 16 XLR outputs.

Digital Audio Decoders
Dolby: Dolby Digital Plus; Dolby TrueHD; Dolby Pro-Logic IIz
DTS: DTS®-HD Master Audio / DTS ES / DTS 5.1 / Neo:X
Auro-3D: Auro-3D Decoding (up to 13.1); AuroMatic upmixer
HDMI Audio & Video Inputs
Audio Channels: Up to 8 (LPCM, DTS-HD Master Audio & Dolby AC3)
Connectors: 5 HDMI connectors (4 switched as inputs and 1 as output)
HDMI V1.4a compliant digital audio with video pass-thru

Digital Audio Inputs
Channels: 16
Connectors: Two DB25 Female (Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
Digital Format: AES/EBU
Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz
Connectors: Two TOSLINK (optical S/PDIF) and 1 coaxial (S/PDIF)

Analog Audio Inputs
Channels: 8 balanced, can be connected unbalanced
Connector: DB25 (Female)
Impedance: 10k ohms
Reference level: 300mV RMS
Channels: 2 stereo single ended input pairs
Connectors: 4 RCA jacks
Impedance: 10k ohms
Sensitivity Adjustable: -16dBv to -4dBv

Microphone Input
Single channel -68dBv to -8dBv input with switchable +48V phantom power
Connector: XLR female

Digital Audio Outputs
Channels: 16, fully routable as to input
Connectors: Two DB25 Male (Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
Digital Format: AES/EBU
Sample Rates: 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz

Analog Audio Outputs
Channels: 16 (fully routable as to input), common mapping with Digital Outputs
Balanced (can be connected unbalanced or single ended)
Connectors: Two DB25 Male (Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
Level: 300mV with Fader at 7, +26dBu max (balanced)
Connector: 1 single ended RCA output, channel-selectable to drive an external monitor. Adjustable Levels, to 300mV RMS
Connector: 1 single ended RCA output, summed output for the hearing impaired. Fixed Level Out, 300mV RMS

Audio EQ
Dirac Live® Room Optimization
12-Channel Dirac Live® room optimization
Dirac Live® Installer kit sold separately

3rd Octave EQ
16 channels - 31 user-adjustable bandpass filters
Gain +/-6dB adjustable in 0.5dB steps
Frequencies range from 20Hz to 20kHz

16 channels with 3 user-adjustable parametric filters for shaping Subwoofer response
Adjustable from 20 to 200Hz, gain +/-6dB i•0.1dB steps Q range from 0.7 to 5

Hi/Low/Bandpass Active Crossovers
Adjustable from 20Hz to 20kHz; adjustable slope of 6, 12, 18 or 24dB per octave (12 and 24dB filters are Linkwitz-Riley crossover)

Bass/Treble tone control
Adjustable +/-6dB per channel
Corner frequency for bass adjustable from 50Hz to 300Hz
Corner frequency for treble adjustable from 1.5kHz to 12.0kHz

Bass Management
Full or adjustable high pass settings for screen and surround speakers
Adjustable low pass filter for sub woofers
Support for 0 to 4 sub woofers
Optional phantom center

Audio Delays
Individual Channel Delays : 0 - 1000ms
Global Delay: 0 –1000msNote: Total delay per channel not to exceed 1000ms

35mm Film Optical Soundtrack Audio Processing
Available with optional H338 plug-in circuit board

Automation Inputs/Outputs
Connectors: Two DB25 Male (Ch1-8 and Ch9-16). Ships with two DB25 Female to XLR 8-channel analog breakout cables
16 bi-directional GPIO’s, optically isolated, mute and fader inputs
External [email protected]

Can be controlled by smart phone, iPad, Android based devices via iRule or VNC
Crestron Integrated Device

Setup/Operation Profiles
•Configurable for up to 20 user defined named input selections. Input selections include processing options along with a selected named set for EQ and output channel profile
•Configurable for up 20 user defined named EQ sets which include definitions for Dirac optimization, third octave EQ, parametric EQ, bass and treble controls
•Configurable for up to 20 user defined output channel profiles which include output channel names, output routing, crossover high/low pass filters
•User defined input selections controllable by Touchscreen, GPIO, or ethernet
•Export/Load of user configurations via USB

Power Requirements
•100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, auto-switching
•60w power consumption

Hardware Dimensions
•Imperial - 5.6”(H) x 17.4”(W) x 17.63”(D). Height with feet removed 5.25". Shipping Weight: 36lbs (with packaging and accessories)
•RS20i unit weight 26.5lbs (12.02kg)
•3U 19” rackmount with optional ears

Additional Information
Please call 734.662.3595 and ask for Richard if you have any questions about this product. We make every effort to update our ads quickly when inventory fluctuates, but we encourage you to call and check product availability, as we are also a brick and mortar store.

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