Ypsilon ElectronicsVPS-100 Silver Edition Top Ref PhonousedYpsilon Electronics VPS-100 Silver Edition Top Ref Phono((( DEAL PENDING ))) As new & rare find: Ypsilon VPS-100 MK-II Silver Edition phono stage a true cost no object "what's possible" reference Phono pre amplifier with Mullard r...26000.00

Ypsilon Electronics VPS-100 Silver Edition Top Ref Phono [Expired]

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((( DEAL PENDING )))                   

As new & rare find:

 Ypsilon VPS-100 MK-II Silver Edition phono stage a true cost no object "what's possible" reference Phono pre amplifier with Mullard rectifier tube:

This is a rare find and no low offers considered.  This will go to the person who can afford the best at 50% off.

Here we have a young and beautiful example of what is most likely the finest phono stage in existence today, the Ypsilon VPS-100 Silver Edition.  Michael Fremer’s personal reference phono stage for years, the Ypsilon has won acclaim world-wide for its revelatory way of extracting music from those grooves in your LPs.

Although this unit is just 2 years old, and barely broken-in, the owner needs to sell it – along with the rest of his audio rig – due to a family medical situation that calls for rapid downsizing.  His loss gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the very best for just half the usual $52K price !   

Shipping from our great client directly from Maryland zip code 20817.

Designed and built based on Ypsilon’s “no capacitors!” philosophy, the VPS-100 Silver Edition is both remarkably true to the source and also utterly beguiling.  Jacob Heilbrunn, writing for Analaogaholic, had this to say after spending 6 months listening to it:

“Its most notable trait is transparency to the source – an ability to project back, up, sideways, down, revealing aspects of LPs that, frankly, had never been previously apparent.”

Heilbrunn went on to add:

“Moreover, the size of the soundstage can become almost hallucinatory.  . . .  

There’s an immediacy to the sound, a lack of restraint, and a sense of a time delay having been removed when the Ypsilon is in my system.  . . .

The Ypsilon is as pure as it gets.  It is not a good phonostage.  It is a superb one.  But beware:  If you audition the Ypsilon, you will almost surely be unable to part with it.”    

Jeff Dorgay, Heilbrunn’s colleague at Analogaholic, added a postscript of his own:

“Having listened to most of the cuts referenced in the review here, I concur with all of Jacob’s conclusions.  . . .  The moment the tonearm is lowered onto the record, the concept of listening to a music system disappears from your consciousness, allowing you to enjoy music reproduced without limitation.  And that’s truly what high-end audio is all about.”

Remember, please, that Heilbrunn was reviewing the standard version of the Ypsilon phono stage, and not the dramatically more revealing Silver Edition.  Just ask Michael Fremer, who upgraded his Ypsilon to the Silver Edition and called it the single best audio component he had ever heard!

Or ask Heilbrunn himself, who awarded the Silver Edition a Golden Ear Award over at the Absolute Sound.  He explained it like this:

“With the substitution of silver for copper transformers [and internal wiring in the signal path], the performance of this unit zooms into the stratosphere. So does the price at [sic] $65,000. But at this lofty level, also occupied by other companies like Boulder, the Ypsilon more than holds its own. The Silver does many things that aren’t normally associated with this metal, at least when it comes to audiophiles, many of whom regard silver as abrasive and shrill. Not so here. The silver-transformer version of this phonostage is greatly improved. It isn’t that a wealth of new detail is suddenly unlocked; rather, the overall presentation is far more supple, rich, and vivid. Ypsilon has always excelled at probing into the recesses of the soundstage for the minute scrapings of a bow or the decay of a singer’s voice. All of those properties are enhanced. In short, [Ypsilon founder and head] Baklavas has produced a masterwork.”
Equally enthusiastic was Fred Crowder, the reviewer at Dagogo.com, who spent months comparing the Ypsilon to his previous reference phono stage, and had this to say:

The Ypsilon VPS-100 is far superior to any other phonostage, tube or solid-state, which I have auditioned by a rather significant margin. I think that I can best communicate this by comparing it to my previous reference, the Einstein Turntable’s Choice. In comparison, the VPS-100: (1) is better able to recreate the space of the recording venue or in some cases the lack of any spatial cues, (2 ) is particularly good in differentiating among different drum heads, (3) highs are clearer and more distinct without any hint of stridency, (4) imaging is better with excellent focus and specificity, particularly when used in combination with the equally superb Odin tone arm cable, (5) dynamics in the mids are better, but the real achievement is that dynamics are consistent throughout the frequency range with no particular frequency band singled out, (6) bass is astonishing in its power and ability to plum the depths and (7) macro dynamics are somewhat better but the Ypsilon truly shines with respect to micro dynamics.

The owner has meticulously cared for his Ypsilon phono stage, and it is in extremely minty condition.  It has seen light use, as the owner has been out of state on medical travel 50% of the time for the last two years.  The Ypsilon has performed flawlessly and has never had any issues at all – although it has kept the owner up late at night listening to LPs when he should have been catching up on his sleep!

The Ypsilon phono stage ships with all original factory packing materials (a bullet-proof flight case inside a bullet-proof double box!), cover, owner’s manual, etc.  The 2 output tubes have years of life left on them, and Ypsilon has bought up a huge supply of them, making replacement easy if it ever becomes necessary.

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