ASR AudioBasis Exclusive HV phonousedASR Audio Basis Exclusive HV phonoIf all you want for Christmas is one of the world's best phono stages for less than half the retail price, for sale is the latest and current ASR Basis Exclusive HV Phono Preamplifier. Is this the ...5000.00

ASR Audio Basis Exclusive HV phono [Expired]

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If all you want for Christmas is one of the world's best phono stages for less than half the retail price, for sale is the latest and current ASR Basis Exclusive HV Phono Preamplifier. Is this the greatest SS phono stage ever made? It might be but if not it is surely among the very elite phono stages ever produced. The ASR line is the brainchild of its singular owner Friedrich Schaeffer who has been building novel and superlative audio gear since 1980. The ASR Basis Exclusive phono stage was first brought to world prominence by Harry Pearson many years ago as one of the finest phono stages on the planet. It has gone through several prominent iterations; most notably in the 90’s, 2006 and 2013. The current and newest version is a special high voltage (HV) power supply modification that was introduced in 2019. This is the known as the ASR Basis Exclusive HV. The unit for sale was purchased in March 2019 and I am the original owner. It is perfect.  I have owned every version of this remarkable phono stage and the latest is absolutely the best and a significant improvement from all previous versions particularly in power delivery, dynamics, sound-staging and bass performance where it is on par with anything ever made.    

The keys to ASR’s technology are several, but common to many of Friedrich’s products are the powerful battery supply of the front end of his devices. The power supply is massive, and the advantage is that of decreased noise and interference from the AC line which allows for a purity of sound that is difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. 

There’s a wealth of material on the web site, including the owner’s manual, company history and other information. (Check the tabs in the footer also.)

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High End Phono Preamplifier ASR Basic Exclusive

 Some pertinent details are below.

High End Phono Preamplifier ASR Basic Exclusive

The ASR Basis Exclusive is one of the most elaborate phono preamplifiers on the market and surpasses so many power amplifiers.

A total sieving capacity of 1,300,000 uF and an external battery charger ensure an extremely stable and clean power supply.

The Basis Exclusive, in addition to the usual asymmetric Cynch sockets, equipped with balanced XLR inputs, because pickups are symmetrical sources from the working principle. At the ASR Basis Exclusive you can operate it optimally.

The output is also equipped with Cynch and balanced XLR connectors. The two inputs have two separate input stages and are independently adjustable. A signal-controlled automatic switches the main unit to battery mode.

The ASR Basis Exclusive is also equipped as standard with high-speed operational amplifiers. Thus, the Basis Exclusive receives a previously barely heard bass foundation, a precise resolution of all finest information, with a particularly stable spatial image.

·       Noise-to-noise ratio: MC better than 68 dB, setting dependent.

·       Frequency response: - 3 dB from 3 Hz to 200,000 Hz

·       Accuracy of RIAA equalization better than 0.5 dB from 20-20,000 Hz.

·       Distortion: from 5 mV to 5 V AC at 100 R at 1 kHz <0.001, from 20- 20,000 Hz <0.005%

·       Input resistance: phono MM and MC 5 ohms to 47 K ohms

·       Input capacity: between 100 pF and 320 pF

·       Housing made of low-resonance, slightly transparent acrylic glass.

·       Power cable ASR Magic Cord 150 cm, on request also other lengths.

·       Heat sink of solid brass ICs for low resonances.

·       Font in chrome or gold selectable.

·       Optional: Cynch sockets from WBT next gen made of copper or silver.

·       Optional: Only one input for pickups.


Dimensions and weight - 43 cm width 37cm depth 12 cm height

Weight 26 kg.

Additional equipment ASR Basis Exclusive HV

·       2 cm higher housing.

·       40 volt ASR Elkos.

·       Cynch bushes from WBT next gen made of copper or silver.

Dimensions and weight - 43 cm width 37cm depth 14 cm height

Weight 28 kg.


Although I have had many state of the art audio products over a lengthy career as an audiophile, I have often said the greatest piece of gear I have ever owned is the ASR phono stage.  To begin, its sound is simply stunning. I have yet to hear a better SS phono stage and that includes many that retail for 5X (or higher!) than the cost of the ASR. Second, it is stunningly beautiful. The illumination of the interior LEDs through the dark plexiglass front panels are a not only functional (they indicate operating conditions are also diagnostic if the unit ever needs service (it won’t!), but they are also drop dead gorgeous to behold. Friedrich doesn’t make gear like anyone else. His pieces are truly inspired and are as much expressions of industrial design art as they are sonic masterpieces.

Functionally, the unit can accept 2 phono inputs in either single or balanced mode, and has both single and balanced outputs. Friedrich strongly recommends using balanced inputs (even with RCAs) as MC cartridges are inherently a balanced devices, but it is not necessary to use balanced outputs to achieve this benefit. The unit is configured for load, capacitance and balanced/single ended in and out through internal dip switches as explained in a thorough and well diagrammed instruction manual. The batteries are user replaceable with readily available Panasonic 12V units. This needs to be done every 3-5 years or so depending on use. The audio control unit and the power supply are connected by a massive umbilical. The unit comes with an ASR Magic Power cord as standard. 

I am going to be extremely sad to part with this piece, but down-sizing mandates it. I can only hope that the unit winds up in a home deserving of its exquisite performance and pride of ownership.  As far as I know, this is the first listing for the HV Basis Exclusive Phono that I have seen for sale. I expect it will go very quickly. Please forgive the reflections from the iPhone photos but the unit is cosmetically and functionally perfect (check my feedback, buy with confidence).  I will accept personal check or cashier’s check and welcome local pick-up. If you can buy a better phono stage at twice the price- buy it! Paypal adds 3%. 



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