Creek AudioDestinyusedCreek Audio DestinyCreek Audio Destinythis is a trade in the speaker terminals have been upgraded with remote and manualDOES NOT HAVE PHONO BOARDfrom stereophile magazine review ConclusionI've been a fan of Creek Aud...1000.00

Creek Audio Destiny [Expired]

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Creek Audio Destiny

this is a trade in
the speaker terminals have been upgraded with remote and manual


from stereophile magazine review

I've been a fan of Creek Audio for many years, but even I was surprised at how impressed I was with the Destiny—Mike Creek had already set his standard very high with the 5350SE. But I'm happy to make the Destiny my new reference in affordable integrated amplifiers, and have decided to buy Creek's superb Destiny CD player as well. In fact, I was intoxicated by the combination of the Destinys with the Monitor Audio Silver RS6 speakers. The trio produced a detailed, delicate, dynamic, uncolored sound that rivaled what systems costing twice as much can manage. I strongly suggest that dealers who sell both Creek and Monitor gear audition this system.

Mike Creek, you've done it again. Keep raising that bar!


SPECIFICATION Measured at 230V or 115V Not recommended for use into more than 2 pairs of 8 Ohm speakers Power Output into 8W (both channels driven) at rated mains voltage > 100 Watts Dynamic Power Output into 8W > 150 Watts Power Output into 4W (both channels driven) > 160 Watts Dynamic Power Output into 4W > 250 Watts Dynamic Power Output into 2W > 380 Watts Dynamic Power Output into 1W(Limited by protection) > 250 Watts Total Harmonic distortion (20 Hz to 20 kHz) < 0.02% Frequency Response -1dB 1 Hz to 30 kHz -3dB 0.1 Hz to 65 kHz Slew Rate > 50 V per µS Gain in passive pre-amp mode x48 or 33.6dB Gain increase with active built in pre-amp 0dB +3dB +6dB +9dB (Switchable voltage gain with slider switch under pre-amp section) Input Sensitivity for 100W into 8W 589mV 392mV 294mV 210mV Power Input Impedance of power amp section Damping Factor Amp Output Impedance 100 Hz @1kHz) > 0.034 1 > 235 1 k W Pre-amp output level Follows input level via volume control Signal to Noise Ratio ('A' weighted re 0 dB) > 78 dB Separation (Crosstalk @ 1 kHz) > 60 dB Maximum mains power consumption 400 Watts Standby Power Consumption > 1 Watt Input socket type 3 pin IEC, grounded Loudspeaker outputs 2 x Switchable A+B (8 x screw terminals) Switchable mains voltage selector 115/230 V AC external Inputs (Input 1 can be configured for a phono plug in) 5 x line level plus tape Input socket type (unbalanced) Gold plated RCA (Phono or cinch) Headphone output 6.4mm (1/4”) Jack on front panel Pre-amp putput and power amp input connection Switchable on rear panel Weight (net) 10 kgs 22 lbs Size (W x H x D) mm 430 x 70 x 310 inches 16.9 x 2.7 x 12.2 Remote control Fully remote from Creek SRC2 handset Serial Bus (Required Creek serial interface) CAN Bus serial link via 2 RJ45 sockets MAINS VOLTAGE AND FREQUENCY IS INTERNALLY SET FOR THE COUNTRY OF USE

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