Darwin Cable CompanyEnlightenmentusedDarwin Cable Company Black Friday Sale!Presenting the latest evolution of sound by Darwin Cable Company... The Enlightenment Speaker Cable. It's built on the evolutionary Darwin foundation—the purest silver wire, cryogenically treated ...2400.00

Darwin Cable Company Black Friday Sale! [Expired]

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Presenting the latest evolution of sound by Darwin Cable Company... The  Enlightenment Speaker Cable. It's built on the evolutionary Darwin foundation—the purest silver wire, cryogenically treated to deep space temperatures, housed in an air dielectric build, but now with new advancements. 

For a limited time only, save 20% on the Enlightenment and all A-Stock Darwin Cables!

Our Enlightenment cables employ five organic crystals often used in military, electronic and mechanical applications that elevate performance  through EMI and resonance control. We use 20 total crystals, some with piezoelectric properties, each with its unique crystal atomic lattice structure. An organic, low-dielectric, natural cotton sleeve also enhances resonance control. It's an approach that is both holistic and scientific. Attack, decay... shimmering, delicate highs, rich, deep bass and everything in-between. Every breath, every nuance... things you hadn't heard in vocals before... Available in top quality spades or bananas.

When it comes to speaker cables, greatness is hard to achieve. Many speaker cables are veiled. That's because most are made of copper—some of them stranded, which creates audio smearing. Silver is 7 percent more conductive. Why cut corners? The Enlightenment is swift, remarkably incisive with a delicate top end sparkle and rich, organic tonality. Bass is wonderfully deep and full. No trade-offs. You get it all!

Our customers are often repeat customers. Darwin Cable Company offers cables that outperform those costing 15-18 times the price. World class reference performance—some say the best—grounded in real world economics and blue collar sensibility. No cable company offers better value. Exceptional Performance vs. Cost.

As with every Darwin Cable, The Enlightenment comes with a 30-Day Peace of Mind, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee. Always offered. Rarely exercised. 

Read professional reviews and user feedback about Darwin Cables at  www.darwincables.com. 

2M Enlightenment Speaker Cable: $2995.00 MSRP. 

Introductory offer, limited time only, $2400.00 

Watch for other listings on Audiogon. Check our website for special offers. Questions? E mail [email protected] or call 701-710-1517 for a no-pressure consultation.  

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