Lowther LoudspeakersA-55usedLowther Loudspeakers A-55 (with rare Ticonal magnet)These Lowther A-55 drivers are made with a rare Alnico magnet variant - Ticonal. If you're viewing this ad, you likely know that Ticonal magnets are extremely difficult to source, and you proba...975.00

Lowther Loudspeakers A-55 (with rare Ticonal magnet)

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These Lowther A-55 drivers are made with a rare Alnico magnet variant - Ticonal.

If you're viewing this ad, you likely know that Ticonal magnets are extremely difficult to source, and you probably have an implementation in mind for these drivers. These silver voice coil drivers have a 15 ohm impedance.

This ad is only for the drivers. Additional photos show implementation possibilities, but see below about available horns, stands, and crossover (for an additional price).

Frankly, I don't know how to grade them, so I've conservatively given them an 8/10 due to age, but these drivers have been babied.

These drivers were installed in a pre-production prototype of Azzolina horns. We exhibited with a production model at RMAF in 2006 (see photo capture from Hi-Fi Plus article).

Available separately are the pre-production Azzolina horns along with stands (built by me) and crossover. The horns are painted Porsche midnight blue. Due to size (shipping costs), I am not listing them. If you have a means of transporting these rather large, but light weight items from the Denver, CO area, they're yours for $275. I'll get photos up soon. Contact us directly about this.

Contact us directly about the horns, stands & crossover, or purchase the A-55 drivers directly through this ad.

When implemented in the Azzolina horns with a 1st order crossover (240Hz), they mate easily with a high efficiency bass cabinet for a full range implementation. An Altec 416 or 515 based cabinet (for example) is an ideal efficiency match, and a simple, 1st order crossover mates nicely with the horns.

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